2030 – A glimpse into the future of recruitment and beyond

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we are now in the year 2020, a new decade. Predictably, the latest craze in the run up to 2020 has been the decade that has preceded it. Be that posting pictures of yourself 10 years apart, news websites doing a summary of the news for each year of the decade, and even Sky Sports doing teams of the decade for the Premier League and beyond.

But imagine we’ve just entered 2030…what do you think will have happened in the previous ten years?

Personally, I think Brexit will finally be about to happen, Phil Foden will have just become a regular starter for Manchester City, and Liverpool will be on the verge of their first league title for 40 years. Lock these predictions away in a time capsule and look back them on January 1st 2030. They will be either the words of a madman, or a clairvoyant. I am joking by the way (about Phil Foden and Liverpool at least).

Now what about recruitment?

As we all know, in the last ten years, job apps have taken off and risen in popularity, mainly in conjunction with the trajectory of smartphones and their own increase in popularity within society. This has made applying for jobs much easier for potential candidates, but conversely can make life that much more difficult for the recruiter. Job reach, in comparison to simply advertising in newspapers like the old days, is massive. This reach however, does tend to mean that you will have a raft of people applying for roles who are simply not suitable, simply because apps have made it that much easier to apply.

So what’s going to happen in the next ten years in recruitment? Will everything be done via apps? Will you simply upload your CV to an app, choose a few preferences then automatically have applied for a number of roles the software decides you are suitable for? No more face to face interviewing in person? Augmented reality and Artificial intelligence will play major parts somewhere along the line. But how much is too much?

We feel that the personal touch in recruitment is essential and will always be so.

Here at Jobwise, we use the latest software to help us find the best candidates for our roles, and can offer video interviews if a client or candidate requests it, but we feel that the personal touch in recruitment is essential and will always be so.

Any client we work with, unless physically impossible, we will go and visit them to get a feel for their business and work environment. This is imperative for us to be able to fully understand their business, and also assist us in fully selling any future roles to potential candidates. Pictures/videos/even a virtual reality walk through of their offices is no substitute for the real thing, and never will be.

We also work in a similar way with all of our candidates. We register every single live candidate on our database face to face. Any candidate we have put forward for a position, we will have already met that candidate, and spoke to them on numerous occasions to deduce that they are the ideal match for that role.

Face to face

Face to face, in the flesh interactions are integral in communication between humans as a species, and have been since the dawn of time.

Looking someone in the eye can almost say more than words, and this can be lost via a screen. As much as technology advances, meeting candidates and clients face to face will always have a place in recruitment.

That is why Jobwise have been in business for 40 years, evolving through all the technological changes as they have arisen. We will continue to be the recruitment agency of choice throughout the North West, until I write the next part of this blog at the start of 2030.

If you are a candidate or client who wants our help, get in touch with us today!

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