5 reasons why a summer job is a great idea


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Now, don’t get me wrong, I am the first in the queue if the opportunity for a few days on the beach comes up. A bit of sunshine and a few days lazing around is something we all deserve, and I have absolutely no problems with it.

That said there are a lot of reasons to, perhaps, spend a little less time on the beach – and this article is about working during the summer season. To be specific here are five really good reasons to consider a summer job.

  • Boost that CV. – Here at Jobwise we see a lot of applicants, and we know that experience really counts on your CV. A summer job is a great way to show that you are flexible and applied. The truth is that employers tend to like people who show they have a real work ethic.
  • Interview and people skills – Taking a summer job can help with skills development. As the tourism and leisure boom hits during the holidays it offers a great opportunity to get some experience of interviewing and, once you have the job, of working with different people and developing your teamwork skills.
  • Get your name out there – I know several people who have turned their summer jobs into full-time, long-term, occupations. That summer employer could very well have the perfect job for you.
  • Find out what you do and don’t like about a job. – One of the real pleasures of our business is placing people into jobs they really love, but often this isn’t the role they expected to be in! We are not suggesting that you use summer jobs as a kind of employment ‘pick and mix’ but they could well offer the opportunity to try out new skills and experience new possibilities.
  • Save and have more – A summer job is a great way to save money for a bigger holiday or a special treat later in the year. In the offseason, you can often get much better deals on flights and accommodation so why be part of the crush? Talk to us about a summer job and save the money you make for a real once in a lifetime experience for a lower rate off-season.


So there are five good reasons to consider a summer job. If you are thinking about it (or even just curious as to what your options would be if you did decide to go the summer job route) then why not pop in and discuss it with us? It may well turn out to be your best summer ever.

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