All I Want For Christmas Is You ….Oh And A New Job

All I want for ChristmasChristmas brings out a wide range of emotions in people. For kids, excitement and Christmas go hand in hand. Santa, presents, snow, time off school, the list is endless. These all combine to create the favourite time of year for the majority of children.

Can you honestly say you’ve never made a New Years resolution?

To us grown ups it’s also mainly a time for celebration, meeting up with friends you haven’t seen all year, lots of parties, and an extended period of time off (for those not in retail anyway!). Christmas is the one time of year when you can overindulge for a prolonged period of time without anyone batting an eyelid. Brilliant!

Something I personally love is the release of the Christmas adverts for the major companies, that to me says Christmas is coming. There seems to be an intense rivalry which has now developed in recent years, seeing who can have the most popular advert. Who would have thought when we were kids, that one day the Christmas adverts would be such a major thing!

The Christmas period, and run up to New Year can cause most people to reflect, both back on the year, and forward to the New Year ahead. Can you honestly say you’ve never made a New Years resolution? We’ve all made them, even if we don’t necessarily stick to them for that long.


You can reflect on a wide range of things, be it family events/traumas, your love life, regrets etc. Reflecting needn’t be a negative thing, you could look back and be extremely proud of yourself for the things you’ve achieved over the last year, and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back! Your New Years resolution could be the push you need to kick-start the year with a bang.

It is during this reflective period that people will start to evaluate, and potentially re – evaluate their careers, where they’re going, and if they’re happy with where they are. Maybe you think you deserve a pay rise, a promotion, or just feel like you need a new challenge.

If you realise you’re not where you want to be, fear not! We can help. Searching for a job doesn’t need to be a daunting experience.

The best way to look at it, is that a new year is a new start, so if you’ve been putting off that change, go fot it! Throw yourself into Christmas and have the best time possible, safe in the knowledge that when New Year comes, you’re going to grab it with both hands and have the best one yet.

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