BABY Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y

It sounds like something out of a new X-Men Juniors movie.
But these three generations of employees can be vital in making sure your business is achieving everything it is capable of.
Baby Boomers are the 47-65 year olds, Generation X refers to 31-46 year olds while Generation Y is the youngsters, 16-30 year olds.
Making sure your company has an age diverse workforce, with representatives, from each of these sectors can have real benefits.
Different generations bring different levels of experience, innovation, qualifications and energy.
When recruiting it is important to think about what kind of person your business needs – and which of these generations they might come from.
Potential employees of all ages have the potential to positively contribute.
It is also important to remember that just because someone is 24 it doesn’t mean they are going to be a computer whizz, while an older candidate may actually be the king of the Silver Surfers.
Nevertheless, these three demographics are a useful guide.
They have broad characteristics that can help you define your search:

Baby Boomers (47-65): Receptive to online job postings, but respond best to media strategies combining traditional print media, television, radio, and digital media.
Baby boomers (around 80 million people) are primarily concerned with their families and health, so a job that offers good health benefits, childcare and vacation time are essential.
Boomers put a high priority on their career and seek status and success.
They are hard workers who tend to stick to one job and are generally loyal. They are savers as well, since many boomers are poised to retire, so they may not stay in their position for too much longer.

Generation X (31-46): Often has a short attention span, are self-reliant and are extremely busy.
This generation responds to a mixture of traditional and new media, but they still cherish newspaper job placement adverts.
Generation X (about 50 million people) tends to have fast pace careers, and these mature adults are looking for quality opportunities that can bring them advancement.
They are entering their prime working years and are serious about establishing themselves.
They expect to work hard, but be compensated well. Most importantly, they seem to be more loyal to their profession or industry than to their employer and are not opposed to switching jobs for a better salary or job title.

Generation Y (16 -30): Bright and highly educated with a high utilisation of online tools to land their dream jobs.
They seek out social media for referrals and job placement. Salary and job culture are extremely important to them.
These 20-somethings have seven jobs on average over the course of a decade because they demand more from themselves and their employer, constantly seeking the next best position and company.
They work well in a team, require constant feedback and love a challenge. They value their social and personal life, and seek instant gratification, so while they can bring vitality and new ideas, they most likely won’t stick around long.

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