Here today, stay tomorrow – The benefit of temporary staff during a skills shortage

Here today, stay tomorrow – The benefit of temporary staff during a skills shortageAt the risk of stating the obvious, there are skills shortages in some areas of the world of work. It’s been with us for some time, and it doesn’t look like changing soon. What that means is that while the management looks to long-term solutions, we need to consider new day to day solutions to keep the wheels turning for our clients. One solution a lot of clients are considering is including more options for temporary staff in their employment strategy.


Using a temporary workforce comes with a package of benefits such as:

  • Immediate solution to gaps in the team – Welcoming a temporary worker can plug the hole in your current workforce, long enough to find the long-term solution.
  • Temporary access to skills and experience – Quite a few of our clients have looked at the way they roll out their workflow and adapted their methods to use temporary workers to their best effect.
  • More flexibility during peak time and the opportunity to explore options for expansion.
  • The ability to have a supply and demand approach to payroll

At the risk of being a little blunt, the bottom line is that with unemployment at its lowest since mid-1970, investigating the temporary worker option could be vital to keep a cohesive workforce.

A new world of opportunities

From the other side of the coin, low unemployment and the skills gap have opened a new world of opportunities for many candidates. The traditional route of going into a permanent position is not the only option. The gig economy has its problems, but many candidates are embracing the opportunities it presents, such as:

  • New experiences and opportunities. Because of the work available during a skills shortage, employers are more aware of the need be flexible about the skills required for the workers if they want to fill out the workforce. This could well mean that a temp position now comes with more training and development than in the past.
  • Better salary and benefits. When the market is candidate-driven, the employer will often respond by offering a few more incentives to make sure the right people apply.
  • Choice of workplace. Variety really can be the spice of life when you are a temporary worker because you are able to mix things up and experience a variety of different work environments. Quite a few candidates find that they change their mind about where they want to go with their careers after experiencing temping.
  • Time to think and still earn. Following from the above, a spell temping can allow you to still have an income while taking time to consider where you want to go in life. Many graduates, people returning to work, and people who have had an unexpected career break such as redundancy, use temping as a kind of breathing space to consider options.
  • Ultimate flexibility. If you want to spend two months fulfilling your dream of walking the Andes, or you have other commitments such as being a carer or supporting a loved one, then temping can offer the flexibility you need.

One final thought for both candidates and employers.

Temporary workers can help resolve the skills gap and give the candidate an unexpected opportunity for a fulfilling career. It is very common that the temporary worker and the employer find that they are a perfect match. Rather than here and gone, a temporary contract can lead to a lifelong career.


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