A big chair isn’t a factor – Tips for recruiting senior level employees

3rd December 2019

Employing at the top, or near the top level in a management structure can be a challenging process. To start with, the pool of candidates is likely to be reduced because of the experience and/or...

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Successful team management is not a dark art it’s a practiced skill

18th November 2019

I once asked a new manager what she thought of her newly acquired role as the leader of a small team and she replied that it was ‘a little bit like trying to fill a...

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How to Get a Job in PR

18th November 2019

Public relations is a dynamic, rewarding and exciting career that offers a wealth of opportunities for development and personal growth. It’s also highly competitive and one of the most popular careers that graduates seek after...

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Be a Corporate Volunteer for a day – by Calista Greaves

24th October 2019

Working as a part of HR, I am always promoting the benefits package we offer to our employees and with me being an advocate of the corporate social responsibility for Jobwise, I am passionate about...

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The Human element is essential in the hiring process

17th October 2019

Could you imagine a future where the recruitment process was done entirely without any real face to face human interaction? You could see a job you are interested in, apply for it, then if selected...

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A Guide to Working in the UK’s Mega Cities

7th October 2019

If you’re looking to change where you live or take on a new work opportunity, the UK is filled with many great mega cities that can provide fresh opportunities and an exciting lifestyle. The UK...

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Why a positive attitude in the workplace is important – By Kiran Raza

26th September 2019

Is being negative in a workplace good, or bad? Being positive or negative at work has an impact on your team and the business. Having a positive mind set when you’re at work will drive...

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Why making mistakes is good for your soul! By Sally Baron – Martin

23rd September 2019

How many of us on a daily basis make mistakes and kick ourselves over it? That would be most of us. Some people make mistakes and move on, and some people make mistakes and torture...

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