Flexible Working And You – The New Rules.

3rd July 2014

Flexible working comes in many forms and it’s not a new thing.  Government departments and similar institutions have had flexible working schemes for many years and, on the whole, it seems to work well. Other...

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The Importance of Workplace Culture in Attracting Candidates

11th June 2014

The Importance of Workplace Culture in Attracting Candidates Jobwise have just been awarded 14th place in the Great Place to Work awards 2014. This is our 3rd consecutive year of being in the top 20....

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5 job application mistakes that will make a recruiter see red!

22nd May 2014

Job-hunting can be a time consuming and laborious process and like any work it requires you to be focused, disciplined and organised. Making a mistake in a job application can cost you a chance of...

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So why do you want to work for us? – Should you need to ask this question?

16th April 2014

When you consider the employment and recruitment marketplace at the moment something is readily apparent. Over the last year things have changed. There are still people looking for the perfect job and there are still...

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Free Legal Seminar – 23rd September 2014 – read on for more detail

15th April 2014

After the very successful client seminar in February, we will be holding another on the 23rd September 2014, in partnership with Stephensons. This will be at the same venue – The Bolton Arena and will follow...

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6 Difficult Job Interview Questions You Need To Know The Answer To

3rd April 2014

I recently likened a Job interview to climbing a mountain which might seem overly dramatic but the reality is that a job interview is the gateway to employment and can be difficult without adequate preparation....

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Yummy Mummy’s – Why UK Businesses Are Looking For Working Mums

24th March 2014

First of all, before we talk about returning to work, we want to all stand up and give a big round of applause to all the women who took time off for maternity.  You know...

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The Importance of Achievements on your CVs

21st February 2014

Thank you to Charlotte Eve, Managing Director of CK Futures for providing us with the following article. Does your CV read like an obituary or is it a tantalising read? By creating a dynamic and...

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