Valentines Day – A Brief History of – By Lee Farghaly

14th February 2018

For some, Valentines Day is a chance to embrace commercialism and guilt your partner into date night, for others it’s a reminder of another day when they’d rather not be single, whilst for others it’s...

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Mystery prizes – Managing expectations in the employment process

12th February 2018

When I was a child, I won a competition in a comic. I can’t even remember how I won now (I suspect I sent in a joke or something) but I do remember what I...

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Nice suit, shame about the person – The importance of clear candidate specifications

1st February 2018

I am sure if you are an employer, you have encountered a situation where you interview someone, and it becomes perfectly clear that they are not suitable within the first few minutes. It’s a difficult...

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How to Give Negative Feedback – Lee Farghaly

19th January 2018

‘You are useless at your job’ This is how not to give negative feedback to somebody. Pretty obvious surely? That quote comes across as aggressive, confrontational and is not constructive whatsoever. If somebody said this...

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Top tips for attracting passive candidates

3rd January 2018

What are passive candidates? Out there, in the big wide world, there are people who are living their lives, going to work, taking care of their families.  Some of them are your ideal employees –...

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Diversity – a tick in a box or the key to a more productive organisation?

28th December 2017

When you read the news, it seems that politics, both nationally and across the world, is growing more inward looking.  And that, we believe, is a backward step....

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Skilled in tea making – What to put on your CV if you don’t have experience

21st December 2017

Writing a CV is never easy. There is a lot of pressure involved when you are trying to get the description of your skills, abilities and experience just right so that your CV stands out....

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All I Want For Christmas Is You ….Oh And A New Job

18th December 2017

Christmas brings out a wide range of emotions in people. For kids, excitement and Christmas go hand in hand. Santa, presents, snow, time off school, the list is endless. These all combine to create the...

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