How much should a recruitment agency cost?

5th September 2018

Sometimes a saying really doesn’t make sense in the context it is used in. One of these is the idea of ‘Bang for your buck’ in relation to recruitment services. A recruitment business or I...

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Why working in Liverpool could be just what you’re looking for

21st August 2018

In the past back in 2008, Liverpool earned the title of European City of Culture, and since then, has continued to thrive and develop as an exciting place in which to live and work. The...

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Working in Altrincham – Why it’s the place to be!

21st August 2018

Whenever I think of Altrincham from my younger days about 15 years ago, my memories are of a town centre which was rather outdated and desperately needed some work doing. I have a mental image...

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Rainy days – Five Common Sense Financial Strategies For Contractors

31st July 2018

  The gig economy is here to stay, and that means more and more people are turning to contract work. Sometimes this is through a lack of choice as their job roles change but mostly...

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The Importance of the right Excel skill level

19th July 2018

  Microsoft Excel – It’s a word some of us dread and some of us love in equal measure. Businesses all over the world use the spreadsheet programme to store and retrieve numerical data in...

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Welcome to the company, now go home – How to hire a remote workforce that works for you

26th June 2018

As children, we were promised a world where we would all be working from home. Mind you we were also promised holograms, robots to do the work, living on Mars and hoverboards, and we are still waiting. In...

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An extra language could be your key to glory

18th June 2018

Can you speak another language, or at least a few phrases in a language which isn’t your mother tongue? If so this could be your key to glory against your competitors in the exciting tournament which...

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Top down and no bundles of sticks – The collaborative workplace environment

4th June 2018

If you ever take part in, or get to observe, a team meeting in a business with great collaborative culture, I guarantee you that you will see two things. The reason I am so sure...

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