Getting the next Gig – Will the so-called Gig economy change what we mean by workforce?

4th May 2018

The Gig economy is probably one of the most overused buzzwords in the last few years. It seems you can’t turn on a TV or click through the news without someone either extolling the virtues...

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3 Must-Haves to get a job in a Digital Marketing Agency

17th April 2018

With the growing number of digital marketing agencies looking for talent, it is vital that staff who join the company can hit the ground running. We thought it might be worth putting together the top...

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Why Effective Workplace Communication is so Crucial

11th April 2018

Environments in offices can vary wildly. What’s the environment like in your office? Depending on the size of your company, you could have a handful of employees in your office or close to 100 on...

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Making a withdrawal at the talent bank – Should you consider a wider approach to your team?

27th March 2018

As everyone is aware, the employment market going through a huge change. The much talked about ‘gig’ economy is very real, the unemployment figures are at record lows, the skills gap is still there, Brexit...

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Magic Wands – What they are and how they work

19th March 2018

  At Jobwise, the term ‘Magic Wand’ means something completely different to what everyone else’s interpretation of the phrase is. As you can imagine, on a daily basis we deal with lots of candidates, be...

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The right person is out there – Ways to keep motivated during a tough hiring process

2nd March 2018

One of the things you cannot help but notice is how much support there is available for candidates during the hiring process. This is perfectly reasonable because it is sometimes the case that the prospective...

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Picking up Other Peoples Mannerisms in the Workplace

14th February 2018

Have you ever found yourself saying or doing something that your significant other always does? It may not even be a significant other; it could be a friend, work colleague, or even someone you have...

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Recruitment and Romance – Same thing aren’t they?

14th February 2018

Recruitment and Romance are so intertwined they may aswell be the same thing. Many characteristics and scenarios you’d associate with romance can be applied to recruitment and vice versa. If you can prove me wrong...

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