Z is for… 5 things to expect when employing the so-called generation Z worker

12th December 2017

Just for clarity let’s make sure we all know who we are talking about when we mention generation Z in this article. I am sure you are aware of, and indeed many of you reading...

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Time management is hard – Realistic approaches to time management in your day

4th December 2017

The problem with time management techniques is I am sometimes too busy to keep them all up. They all work, and they all benefit your day, but the truth is that you can time manage...

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The floor is lava now – Why resilience isn’t about ‘putting up’ with it

23rd November 2017

I sometimes think we can learn more from the way children deal with the world than we will ever learn from any amount of training or experience. One thing we can certainly learn from them...

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Are you hiring to fail? – The true damage of bad hires and some ways to avoid them

13th November 2017

There is no denying that occasionally, no matter how hard we try, things will go wrong because nothing is foolproof. There is even a certain argument to be made that failing has a benefit in...

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Shining without showing off – How to use your performance review to your advantage

7th November 2017

When you see as many people as we do here at Jobwise, you get a real overview of how people see the world of work. One thing that employees and sometimes employers seem to commonly...

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Would you survive a Jobocalypse? – By Lee Farghaly

30th October 2017

The world has gone to pot; there has been a Job Apocalypse (Jobocalypse for short) overnight. Half the world’s jobs have gone, either completely disappearing or being made obsolete by machines. People are fighting against...

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The Jobwise Team Play “Would You Rather….?”

27th October 2017

We asked our staff 7 important life questions specifically for our Halloween special newsletter. The aim of them was to get an insight into the minds of our team, and they produced some rather interesting...

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Trick or Treat: The Evolution – By Lee Farghaly

24th October 2017

I don’t know if I’m getting old before my time, but I can’t help feeling that trick or treating has changed dramatically since I was a kid, and I’m still relatively young, especially with my...

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