Temping – Opening the door to the rest of your life

4th May 2017

– By Lee Farghaly, Finance Assistant (Head Office).  Surely, I can’t be the only person who, when first being asked if I wanted to temp, thought instantly that it was a negative thing, and that having...

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Ethical recruitment – The only real way to build a long-term relationship

7th April 2017

You see the word ethical used a lot when a business is talking about the way it will deal with the world, and the recruitment industry is no different than in this. What does it...

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There is only so much juggling you can do – The importance of work-life balance

31st March 2017

There is a lot to be said for something as simple as taking some time now and again to switch off. Perhaps a long weekend where we laze around at a hotel spa doing not...

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Attitude vs Ability – Finding the right balance

9th March 2017

There is a lot said about the importance of ability and rightly so. When an employer is considering someone for a role, they naturally want to be confident that the person they are looking at...

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We know what you did last summer, but should we? Keep your electronic footprint clean

1st March 2017

When you go looking for a holiday, you probably look online at the resort first. The same is true with restaurants, products, and just about anything else we are interested in. Our first stop is...

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Lights, Camera and employment – Why video is becoming so important in recruitment

14th February 2017

Just a few years ago, video was the magical domain of a specialist producer who carried around a lot of expensive and technically difficult equipment that would be deployed like a science fiction set to...

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More or less for in or out – What effect will Brexit have on the job market?

23rd January 2017

Without a doubt, the Brexit referendum was one of the biggest shake-ups in British politics for many years. There have been many, in fact seemingly endless, discussions ranging from the academic through to childish bouts...

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“I bring you Frankenstein” How seasonal flexibility can bring great results

19th December 2016

You have probably guessed what the first part of that title is about. I remember seeing it happen in a school nativity play some years ago. The concentration on the young lad’s face as he...

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