New Year, Same You? (Acceptance) – By Lee Farghaly

18th January 2019

How’s 2019 treating you? I have a theory that the festive and New Year periods destroy you in some ways, and that January is when you piece yourself back together, bit by bit, but as...

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New Year, Same You? (The Hangover) – By Lee Farghaly

11th January 2019

Well its official, Christmas is over, New Year is over. The real world has come calling again and the majority of us probably don’t want to pick up the phone. We all suffer a Christmas...

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Taken care of – Work for a company that looks after you

17th December 2018

As human beings, we all enjoy being taken care of in some way. It could be being looked after when you’re not feeling well, to having someone stand up to a person you’re fearful of...

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Social Employability – How Social Media can help or hinder your job search

27th November 2018

Social media can be a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to looking for a job. As employees, I think we are all aware of the dangers that tweeting an ill-conceived work-based rant...

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More than a quick chat – Why we need to talk about mental health in the workplace

10th October 2018

Let me start this article with a rather sobering and startling fact. Did you know that in any given week 1 in 6 people in England are likely to be experiencing some form of mental...

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An extra language could be your key to glory

18th June 2018

Can you speak another language, or at least a few phrases in a language which isn’t your mother tongue? If so this could be your key to glory against your competitors in the exciting tournament which...

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3 Must-Haves to get a job in a Digital Marketing Agency

17th April 2018

With the growing number of digital marketing agencies looking for talent, it is vital that staff who join the company can hit the ground running. We thought it might be worth putting together the top...

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The floor is lava now – Why resilience isn’t about ‘putting up’ with it

23rd November 2017

I sometimes think we can learn more from the way children deal with the world than we will ever learn from any amount of training or experience. One thing we can certainly learn from them...

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