Summer – Time for your career to shine – By Lee Farghaly

11th August 2017

You are having the time of your life. You’ve walked the Great Wall of China, climbed Mount Everest, and trekked through the Amazon rainforest. Summer is amazing....

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Remembering to make the tea again – Returning to work after a career break

2nd August 2017

I often like to put something in the title of these articles that remind me of how big decisions in our working lives often express themselves as small things. The one in this title about...

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Exercise your way to success – Become comfortable at being uncomfortable – By Lee Farghaly

20th July 2017

Can you imagine going to the gym first thing in the morning, doing a full workout, then spending the day in work? Nah me neither. I’ve tried it, and it didn’t last longer than one...

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Personal Skills Audit – Discover the skills you didn’t know you had!

13th July 2017

Let me ask you a question. Would you be comfortable typing this article on Microsoft Word? Whatever your answer, would you list being able to use Microsoft Word as a skill? This and other issues...

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Is it time for a career MOT? – Four ways to check your career is on track

11th May 2017

There is a reason a car needs an MOT. Initially, they don’t need one of course, because the car is shiny, fully tested and you can expect a trouble-free period. It is only later that...

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Temping – Opening the door to the rest of your life

4th May 2017

– By Lee Farghaly, Finance Assistant (Head Office).  Surely, I can’t be the only person who, when first being asked if I wanted to temp, thought instantly that it was a negative thing, and that having...

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We know what you did last summer, but should we? Keep your electronic footprint clean

1st March 2017

When you go looking for a holiday, you probably look online at the resort first. The same is true with restaurants, products, and just about anything else we are interested in. Our first stop is...

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Job Interview Questions

The 6 interview questions you should be asking

29th September 2016

You’ve made it to interview stage. Sweet! But are you ready with your questions? Most people don’t ask interview questions at the end. BIG Mistake. You may experience euphoria at having completed answering their questions...

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