Message To The ‘Boys On The Board’ – Why We Need More Women In Top Positions.

13th November 2013

According to a recent report from the Cranfield School of Management, drawing from the FTSE 100 and other high turnover UK businesses, women represent less than 7.6% of directorships in top companies. Not only that...

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Valentines Day And Love Is In The Air

10th February 2014

Do you remember your first love?  Of course you do.  We all remember when we knew we had finally found ‘the one’.  That glow we got when we realised that we had made a connection...

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The Importance of Achievements on your CVs

21st February 2014

Thank you to Charlotte Eve, Managing Director of CK Futures for providing us with the following article. Does your CV read like an obituary or is it a tantalising read? By creating a dynamic and...

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Secure Or Satisfied – If It Came To A Choice What Would You Rather Have?

3rd December 2014

As you probably noticed things have changed in the recruitment area recently. For quite a long time we were all in what was very much an employer’s market. The economy was, if not in full...

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Yes, It’s Painful, But Move On. Making A Positive Of Not Getting That Job.

5th November 2014

One of the things that we all face now and again is the rejection we feel when we go for a job we really wanted and we don’t get it. I am not going to...

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In Praise Of The Over 50 Employee

8th October 2014

The other day I happened to come across an old article from the Guardian about an unemployed man who had applied for the same job twice.  He applied once using his real age of 50+...

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Welcome to the future of work – Is the 9 to 5 a thing of the past?

11th September 2014

When I was a child I remember reading a brilliant article about how the world of work would change in the future. It confidently predicted that by 2020 we would all have intelligent robots that...

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How to ace your telephone interview

15th July 2014

So you’ve completed numerous applications, but finally all the form filling has paid off and you’ve finally landed your first interview…but wait, they want to do it over the phone? Don’t be alarmed! Phone interviews...

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