Thinking Wider – How to Enhance Your Job Search

8th July 2013

Searching for a job can be difficult. We have all been in a position where we sit down to look for a job with the best of intentions but we end up with nothing, or...

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Strange Interview Questions

8th October 2012

“How do you fit an elephant into a fridge?” The start of a joke? Apparently not according to an interesting article I spotted online. The piece appeared on HRZone – – and tackled the...

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They’re only words, but that’s all you’ve got…

1st November 2012

They say a picture paints a thousand words. But you probably wouldn’t want to submit a drawing as your CV. So it’s pretty important you get those thousand or so words right – and make...

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Company Culture

5th June 2013

Companies with impressive employee retention rates and high employee satisfaction levels all have one thing in common – they understand the importance of a strong workplace culture. They also know that you must really invest...

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Body Language Gaffes – Avoid These Mistakes for Interview Success

7th May 2013

So you’ve got down to the last three candidates of 3,000 applications, you’ve got all of your information at hand, any question asked, and you know the response. But hey…. what’s this? The intimidation and...

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‘It seems like I have never been away’

3rd December 2012

Returning to work after having a baby can be a chore for some mothers, but Jobwise’s Jane said it took her five minutes to get back into the swing of things. Jane, who had been...

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Christmas Job Hunt

20th December 2012

Christmas is coming – and the one thing you are really wishing Santa would bring you is a new job. Unfortunately it takes more than a glass of milk, a mince pie and a jolly...

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Giant Billboard

9th January 2013

Last year was a difficult one for job hunters. But, as the economy slowly improves, 2013 should be better – and there is no better time to re-ignite your job search than in the New...

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