Is this the end of the handshake?

17th April 2020

I’ve been having a lot of random thoughts recently, and a big one has been about when things start to get back to normal, or the ‘new normal’, as I think it’s safe to say...

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Why I chose a career in Recruitment – By Connor Wilson (Candidate Consultant at our Bolton branch)

28th February 2020

When I finished university, I had no idea what I wanted to do for my career. A friend of mine recommended getting into recruitment, so I began to do some research. Initially, the earning potential...

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Actually Dave, I can do that. Artificial Intelligence and recruitment

16th April 2019

As with a lot of scientific development, the advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have raised concerns as well as possibilities. It seems we tend to have an almost automatic distrust of too much reliance on...

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Warrington – The ideal place to look for your New Year challenge – by Lee Farghaly

21st January 2019

Historically, when people first hear the place name Warrington, it’s not usually (rightly or wrongly) a place which people associate with being a thriving community where jobs and businesses are concerned. In 2015 it was...

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Stockport – A town which is blossoming

30th October 2018

Stockport, it’s a city I’ve grown up in my entire life, and whilst sometimes I can be critical of it, I think we all have that love hate relationship with our home towns from time...

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The Jobwise Team Play “Would You Rather….?”

27th October 2017

We asked our staff 7 important life questions specifically for our Halloween special newsletter. The aim of them was to get an insight into the minds of our team, and they produced some rather interesting...

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Why we fully support SAFERjobs – Keeping everyone safe from scams

5th October 2017

If you are a candidate or client, you will be aware of just how important you are to us here at Jobwise. We have been in the recruitment arena for quite a while now, and...

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Ethical recruitment – The only real way to build a long-term relationship

7th April 2017

You see the word ethical used a lot when a business is talking about the way it will deal with the world, and the recruitment industry is no different than in this. What does it...

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