Yummy Mummy’s – Why UK Businesses Are Looking For Working Mums

24th March 2014

First of all, before we talk about returning to work, we want to all stand up and give a big round of applause to all the women who took time off for maternity.  You know...

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My computer makes me sick – A little reminder about safe use of equipment.

30th July 2013

At the moment I am sitting in a comfortable and supportive chair with my arms in the right position and the display on my computer set to the right height. The Health and Safety Executive...

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BABY Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y

3rd October 2012

It sounds like something out of a new X-Men Juniors movie. But these three generations of employees can be vital in making sure your business is achieving everything it is capable of. Baby Boomers are...

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SIXTY is the new 40

12th September 2012

So says our sexagenarian candidate consultant Sandra Voice. Sandra, who recently hit the milestone, celebrated her birthday in style when her workmates decorated her desk with balloons and streamers. The popular employee was also given...

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The Office for National Statistics showed that unemployment across the UK fell by 51,000

26th June 2012

It’s an interesting time in the recruitment industry, with the UK economy remaining on a knife edge. I wanted to concentrate today’s blog on some of the news that has been coming out of The...

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Apprentice winner Ricky Martin is bound to be ‘Livin’ la Vida Loca now..

11th June 2012

The former wrestler won the BBC contest earlier this month, impressing Sir Alan with his business acumen. Ricky’s success is of particular interest to everyone here at Jobwise as he came into the series as...

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News update coming soon!

5th March 2012


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Company Culture

5th June 2013

Companies with impressive employee retention rates and high employee satisfaction levels all have one thing in common – they understand the importance of a strong workplace culture. They also know that you must really invest...

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