The Top Recruitment Buzzwords for 2020

19th December 2019

Every year top dictionaries are updated to include the latest terms or buzzwords. In October 2019 for example, the Oxford English Dictionary officially introduced several new additions to our language, including “whatevs”, “gym bunny” and...

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How much should a recruitment agency cost?

5th September 2018

Sometimes a saying really doesn’t make sense in the context it is used in. One of these is the idea of ‘Bang for your buck’ in relation to recruitment services. A recruitment business or I...

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Bolton’s Forward Lady has done it again!

20th July 2016

Our Bolton born and bred MD, Leanne Goodwin, has again made the final in 2 categories for the North West Forward Ladies awards 2016. We have a little déjà vu from this time last year! Yet...

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New Warrington Office Jobwise

Jobwise joins the thriving business scene in Warrington

1st March 2016

We’re excited to announce the opening of our 4th North West branch, in Warrington.  Previously working from 3 North West offices, we have now opened a new branch in the centre of Warrington. The area...

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Two vacancies to every jobseeker in the UK

9th December 2015

          Across the UK there are now twice as many job vacancies as there are jobseekers to fill them, according to the latest UK Job Market Report from October saw...

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Forward Ladies: Where it all started…

24th November 2015

When I left school and started my career 26 years ago I really had no idea what I wanted to do… my family had a very strong work ethic and it was drummed into me...

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Check out our brand new videos

3rd November 2015

With online video being the fastest growing and the most engaging form of media today, we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon! We’ve made some lovely new videos to make it easier for both Clients and...

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Why employee benefits are vital for your business

16th June 2015

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, it’s vital that businesses are prepared to compete with others in order to recruit that perfect candidate. Long gone are the days when employees were grateful for a job...

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