Message To The ‘Boys On The Board’ – Why We Need More Women In Top Positions.

13th November 2013

According to a recent report from the Cranfield School of Management, drawing from the FTSE 100 and other high turnover UK businesses, women represent less than 7.6% of directorships in top companies. Not only that...

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Recruiters – added value?

30th August 2013

The only reason for any employer to use the services of a recruitment agent is to add value to the recruitment process. Otherwise, why would an employer not do it themselves? We need to ensure...

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It’s All About Timing

23rd December 2014

When hiring a new member for your team it’s worth bearing in mind the importance of time-scales – particularly at this time of year. With New Year approaching we begin to think of resolutions and...

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Getting The Right Person – What Are Active Or Passive Candidates?

7th August 2014

As you would imagine we see a lot of candidates here at Jobwise and we treat everyone as an individual. Part of our role is to ‘assess’ the individual jobseeker. That doesn’t mean we pop...

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The Importance of Workplace Culture in Attracting Candidates

11th June 2014

The Importance of Workplace Culture in Attracting Candidates Jobwise have just been awarded 14th place in the Great Place to Work awards 2014. This is our 3rd consecutive year of being in the top 20....

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So why do you want to work for us? – Should you need to ask this question?

16th April 2014

When you consider the employment and recruitment marketplace at the moment something is readily apparent. Over the last year things have changed. There are still people looking for the perfect job and there are still...

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Yummy Mummy’s – Why UK Businesses Are Looking For Working Mums

24th March 2014

First of all, before we talk about returning to work, we want to all stand up and give a big round of applause to all the women who took time off for maternity.  You know...

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BABY Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y

3rd October 2012

It sounds like something out of a new X-Men Juniors movie. But these three generations of employees can be vital in making sure your business is achieving everything it is capable of. Baby Boomers are...

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