Christmas Job Hunt

Christmas is coming – and the one thing you are really wishing Santa would bring you is a new job.
Unfortunately it takes more than a glass of milk, a mince pie and a jolly fat man to make that wish come true, but there is plenty you can do to make your dreams reality
Vacancies are still coming in and thick and fast to Jobwise at the moment, so it’s always a good idea to look at the latest position we have on offer.
But there will be a time when festive cheer will take over at employers everywhere.
It is important not to rest of your laurels though – so here is our list of ten things you could be doing to boost your chances of a new job for the new year.

1. Make sure your CV is perfect. That last course or latest success in your current job could make all the difference to a potential employer. Making sure your personal profile is a bit more interesting can also be vital.
2. Can you improve your skill set? What areas are you weakest at and how can you change that. Look into courses you might want to take or take the time to brush up software packages.
3. Is your social media up to date? An old or unsuitable LinkedIn or Twitter profile can be very off-putting to potential employers. And Facebook can be even worse. The Christmas party season may be upon us, but there is no need for your new boss to se those dodgy pictures…
4. On the subject of LinkedIn, it is worth checking you are signed up to all the job boards you need to be. Make sure your contact details are correct and your skills listed correctly. Many recruiters search based on when amendments are made so it might improve your chances of bring found.
5. Dress to impress is always a good rule – so dust down that old suit or dress and pay a visit to the dry cleaners.
6. If you haven’t had feedback from recent interviews it might be worth asking for it. If you missed out on a job because of one little mistake then feedback to correct it might mean you grab the next opportunity.
7. Review your expectations in your next role. Are you missing out on suitable roles because your salary expectations are too high or you aren’t prepared to travel?
8. Swap the Christmas charades for some practice interview questions. Practice makes perfect…
9. Speak to any recruitment agencies you are registered with – hi, that’s us! – to make sure they are aware of exactly what you are looking for. Make sure you are at the forefront of their mind – increasing your chances of being thought of when a position arrives.
10. Be prepared to leave! Knowing your current contract of employment and what your notice period is can be important to smooth the process once you do get that new role.

Happy job hunting!

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