Engaging Millennials In The Workplace

Engaging millennials in the workplace will help to improve your team’s productivity and retention

According to a recent Gallup Report – ‘How Millennials Want to Work and Live’, 71% of the Millennial workforce are either not engaged, or actively disengaged in the workforce today.

This tells us that we need to be working harder to get the most out of our young people. Here’s 4 things that, as a leader, you need to consider:

1. Give them a sense of purpose

They don’t want to just work for money, they want a sense of purpose, and to feel part of the company’s journey. In many workplaces, the company values are just stuck on the wall and meaningless. So think about how you can bring the company’s purpose and values to life.

2. Invest in their future

87% of the millennial workforce consider ‘learning to grow’ the most important aspect when it comes to looking for new job opportunities.

Interestingly, 68% of those who’ve had opportunities to learn and grow with their current employer, plan to stay there for at least another year. What are you doing to help your employees invest in their future?

3. Develop their strengths

Millennials don’t want to fix their weaknesses, they want to develop their strengths. They want to know what good looks like and when they’re doing a good job. Are you doing all you can to help them reach their full potential?

4. Be a coach, not a boss

The young people of today have grown up with conversations in real time. This means they don’t want a boss who makes them wait 6 months for an appraisal, to find out how they’re doing. They want someone who is accessible to them, someone to coach them and help them succeed.

If you’re looking for expert advice on engaging and motivating your employees, we highly recommend speaking to Andy Partridge, a Speaker, Trainer & Coach and founder of Enviable Workplace.

He helps young people connect with purpose and the vision of success, to become more motivated, engaged and productive in the workplace.


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