A Match Made in Heaven – Find a job to match your character – By Lee Farghaly

A Match Made in Heaven – Find a job to match your characterWhat is the first thing you look for when looking for a new job? Salary? Location? Prospects?

These are all important factors, but it is essential that the job is a great fit for your character. Now, this may seem straightforward enough and not particularly insightful, but trust me you’d be surprised.

Stating the obvious, if you hate animals, you wouldn’t apply to be a zookeeper.

The human brain is a powerful thing

We have conversations in our heads convincing ourselves ‘Yeah, I could do that job’, when the reality is that it was never really suitable in the first place. You should always research any role before applying for it, and try to picture yourself in that role, and if you know the company, picture yourself in that environment. This will all help.

Of course, this idea isn’t foolproof. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard someone’s voice on the phone, built up an image of them in my head, and then the small bald guy is, in fact, a long haired, 6ft tall guy when I actually meet him. We all do it; our imaginations can often paint unusual and unrealistic pictures.

Now as an example, if you’re quite confident on the phone but overawed in an extremely busy environment, call centre work may not be for you. Well, it could be, but just in a smaller team/office.

Maybe you have friends who work in a similar role you’re thinking of going for? Ask them what it’s like, and more importantly ask them if you’d like it. If they’re good enough friends, they’ll be honest with you, even if it’s not necessarily what you want to hear.

Being in the right job benefits everyone

Finding a role which best suits your character not only benefits you, but those around you, both in and out of work. If you are in an environment which allows your character to shine, you will be happier at work, more productive, and build better relationships with your colleagues.

This will then have a knock-on effect once you leave work. You’ll be happier with your family and friends and will take less work mentally home with you. We’ve all been there after a day at work when we are tired and snappy with our families/partners/friends/pets etc. It happens to us all regardless of how much we enjoy our jobs, it’s human nature. But a job which is the right fit for your character will minimise this.

I’m sure many of us can think of times when negative aspects of a job can seem almost insignificant when the job is a great fit for your character and the positives from that far outweigh any negatives.


No job is completely perfect, nothing in life is perfect for that matter, (although me in a suit comes pretty damn close) but we can get as close to it as humanly possible if we do the right things in our lives. Finding the right job for your character is a great start.

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