Focus and fun… the new recruitment hub.

Focus and fun.

Hopefully those are two things that everyone working in our new Stockport Recruitment Hub have already found.

The move to combine the Altrincham and Stockport offices was completed yesterday, and the new ‘ Recruitment Hub’ will form an exciting and vibrant place to work in and for candidates to register at.

The move will give teams more flexibility to interview people immediately and to pop out and see clients at short notice.

In a nutshell, it is all about moving the business forward to suit today’s market.

Having larger and fewer sites means that we are able to be more responsive  to and focused on the needs of our clients and candidates.

It will also allow us to have much larger teams working together to create a better, more fun working environment for everyone.

With more candidates finding Jobwise through word of mouth, via websites and by using social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn there is no longer the same need for shop fronts in town centres.

There will be obvious savings by having fewer sites.

It is important to note that all candidates and clients will still be met. In fact, the ‘Recruitment Hub’ will enhance the service levels which are so important here at Jobwise.

On a practical front, the team from Altrincham have moved over so people can still contact Karen and Vincent, and, of course, Jacqui is there too.

The Altrincham numbers are also still in place, but clients and candidates should be aware that the best number to ring from now on is 0161 474 7888.

This is a new dawn at Jobwise and I’ll add a third ‘f’ to the ones at the start of this blog: future.

The ‘Recruitment Hub’ is all about embracing ours.

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