Forward Ladies: Where it all started…

Forward Ladies Winner Leanne Goodwin

When I left school and started my career 26 years ago I really had no idea what I wanted to do… my family had a very strong work ethic and it was drummed into me from an early age that you had to work hard to achieve anything, I just didn’t know what I wanted to work hard at!

In those days working for a bank or the local council was deemed to be the most secure option, so after gaining 10 GCSE’s and deciding not to go to college or university as I was keen to start earning, I applied for  a job at the TSB bank which after a few tough interviews I secured.

I spent 3 years as a cashier, gaining some banking qualifications and a lot of experience, but banking didn’t suit my personality and I just couldn’t see myself in banking long term so I left to go travelling for a few months.

When I returned I saw a job advertised in the local paper by Jobwise (this was at the time that the only way of advertising jobs was in the weekly edition of the local papers!) I had no idea what a recruitment agency was all about but I applied as the job sounded interesting.

I was invited in for an interview, the job with one of their clients had just been filled unfortunately but there was an Administrator’s job working for the Jobwise office that I was offered which I accepted as it sounded quite an interesting role.. helping people find jobs, and with the opportunity to get into sales.

I started at Jobwise in March 1993 and quickly worked out that recruitment could be a very rewarding career. I quickly moved up the ranks; Recruitment Consultant, Team Leader, Manager, Area Manager, Director and then 8 years ago took over as Managing Director.

At Jobwise no two days are the same, it’s a challenging environment which I thrive in. I love working with the team we have, and enjoy seeing people develop and progress within the company. I believe in giving people an opportunity like I had and every single manager has been promoted from within. If I had to describe myself in a few words it would be approachable, encouraging with high standards and expectations.

Jobwise has a clear idea of what works best when recruiting and meeting every single candidate and client before matching the two together is key to our service. We have a vision of creating a world where everyone loves their job and this is very much part of everything that we do.

I was very proud (& shocked!)  to win the Corporate Leader of the Year in 2011 by Forward Ladies at the Women In Business awards and then more recently to win the Inspirational Leader of The year in 2015 at the same awards!

The Forward Ladies group is a brilliant network of like minded business women and the Women In Business Awards is a fantastic platform for amazing, inspirational business women to be credited for their contribution to the business world.

At the recent (very glamorous) Forward Ladies awards lunch in Manchester we heard from some amazing business women and their journey’s which drives me on to achieve more.

It is always hard juggling a young family with being in business but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I quite simply, love my job!


Blog by Leanne Goodwin, Managing Director at Jobwise.

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