Giant Billboard

Last year was a difficult one for job hunters.
But, as the economy slowly improves, 2013 should be better – and there is no better time to re-ignite your job search than in the New Year.
There are, of course, plenty of conventional ways to search for a new job.
Whether that be by signing up to a recruitment agency, searching the internet, hunting for jobs on social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn or building your own personal brand to attract potential employers.
But this week our attention was drawn to the somewhat less than conventional job hunting techniques of Adam Pacitti (
After unsuccessfully applying for countless positions, Adam decided the usual routes weren’t for him – and spent his last £500 on a billboard asking employers to give him a job.
The 24-year-old – who told the Daily Mail he had sent his CV out to at least 250 different companies – decided the giant billboard was the best way to put forward his case.
Adam, from the Isle of Wight, used the billboard to link to his own website,, and then Tweeted the image – it quickly went viral, spreading across the internet in no time.
The University of Winchester graduate, who wants to be a producer, has also put together a video CV.
It is certainly a innovative way of marketing yourself, and shows how the job seekers are having to think outside of the box.
At Jobwise, we do our very best to help you find your dream job.
Our experienced team will be able to get a true understanding of your needs and offer help with CV writing and interview techniques, as well as those increasingly vital social media skills.
Hopefully, with our help, you won’t have to revert to a giant billboard!

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