How much should a recruitment agency cost?

Sometimes a saying really doesn’t make sense in the context it is used in. One of these is the idea of ‘Bang for your buck’ in relation to recruitment services.

A recruitment business or I should probably say, a good recruitment business, will offer more than bang for your buck. This is because to be a recruiter, essentially, all you need is a telephone, a website, a list of potential customers and a positive attitude. In fact, if you read some of the more sensational ‘how to succeed in business…’ kind of books that is all you need to be a millionaire by next year.

This is, of course, absolute rubbish.

Being a recruitment business requires more than a bit of Del Boy confidence and some sales patter. It requires, amongst other things:

  • a depth of understanding of legislation
  • knowledge of the market
  • Varied experience of recruiting
  • One or more specialist areas where you have clear focus
  • Client based approach
  • Candidate based approach

And that’s before we get to the behind the scenes things such as the ability to run a successful business and making sure everyone gets paid.

In short, you need to be able to run the kind of recruitment business that candidates want to use, clients want to come to, and both want to return to.

Unfortunately, it is possible to bluff your way through the initial stages of contact with a prospective client by offering services beyond your means. To a business looking for a quick employment related solution, when someone calls up with a low cost, high result, sounding option it is tempting to take it. After all, this is what we mean by bang for our buck isn’t it? Our hard-earned money is spent on a quick result that doesn’t break the bank. The only problem here is that, while of course there is some possibility that you may well get the result you needed, the chances are if you are dealing with someone without the list of skills from earlier, at best it will be one bang and most likely no bang at all.

So here is the problem. That list has a cost. Every item on that list has a price tag attached because the expert recruiters who implement it get paid to do a job that is at times very difficult and, in the current low unemployment and ever-changing market, pretty stressful. It is also brilliant, rewarding, energetic, lively and great fun, so I am far from complaining, I wouldn’t do anything else. Our team are frankly fantastic people, and we are proud of the job they do. So, we like to pay them.

Then there is the matter of the candidates we supply

Then there is the matter of the candidates we supply, that we find, train if needed, work with to develop a career and of course ultimately match with the right employer for what will be a long-term employment relationship.

Going back to why ‘bang for your buck’ is a phrase that really makes me twitch. Bang is the problem word for me. They are loud and impressive. They are exciting, but ultimately, they are short-lived and soon forgotten. I looked it up and did you know it probably originally came from buying the best weapon? That seems quite appropriate because a quick bang for your buck deal can be destructive and once used up gone forever.

So how much should a recruitment agency cost? Well, a good one will be basing their charges on being:

  • Honest and open about charges and potential success
  • An awareness of your budget and resources
  • An ability to really provide the service you pay
  • Value for money

In essence, they won’t give you bang for your buck for because that is not cost effective. They will work with you to ensure that the money you spend on your next employee is money that comes back in a return on your investment in an employee that boosts your business. We are a partner working to help you achieve, not a faceless sales person on the phone.

So, we don’t do bang for your buck because that is not the best option, we do boost for your buck.

Every client is different, so it’s not practical in a small article like this to say “Hey, we charge this much…” but all that said, you may well be pleasantly surprised about how much working with us will cost.

What not call us and find out?

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