Shiny and new. How our website is like our approach to our business.

In case you haven’t noticed we have had a bit of a makeover on our website. Of course practically all businesses need to have a web presence these days, the way you present yourself on the internet says a great deal about who you are and what you do. Our website is often the first port of call for our candidates and employers, so we would like it to reflect the unique nature of our services.

It is now even easier to find the details of our current vacancies

It is now even easier to find the details of our current vacancies

When you approach a change to your website, you need to discuss a lot of things. Top of the list for us was ‘how will it benefit both our candidates, and the employers who are looking for them?’

If you take a little look around the new site, you will see that it is now even easier to find the details of our current vacancies. There are also a number of tools included to make it easier for you to find that role you are looking for; these include our CV creator and the job alerts function amongst other things.

For employers, there is a nice, clear section that not only explains who we are but which also tells you our approach and our processes. We think this is important because, while there is still no substitute for a chat about your needs, we are proud of our service and our record of commitment to our clients.

In many ways, the re-design of our website was all about giving a little bit of added value to our candidates and employers. I suppose in the end all recruitment agencies say they offer the same service in that they have clients, the clients need people to fill a role, and we all supply those people. Where we know we are different is in the way that we go about that process – We love adding those little extra touches that make us stand out.

One of the ways in which we like to offer a bit of added value is through these articles. If you take a quick look back through our blogs, you will see that we have covered a wide range of subjects from bits of news from our office through to important information about changes to work legislation. We advised on auto-enrolment pensions when they arrived and offered some advice on the best way to sit at your computer workstation. Going forward with these blogs we would really like to make sure they are useful so, if you have any ideas, please drop us an email with suggestions for content. That goes for our candidates and our Clients, after all, we have a wealth of experience in all sorts of employment related areas.

For me, though there is one very clear common link to our website redesign and the way we work here at Jobwise, which is that they are both shiny and new. Every candidate, every employer and every job posting are new to us, and we never apply a one-size fits all approach. The bottom line is, we all love 9am because each day is like our website. It’s new, it’s fresh and it’s all about being unique.

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