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Get a career in digital marketingDigital marketing: most people think they know what it is, but it’s more than just having a website or social media page for your business. It’s terms such as SEO, PPC, Digital PR, remarketing and more. The benefits are endless – who doesn’t want more online visibility, enquiries and sales?

Finding a way to make yourself heard amongst all the digital noise requires a deep level of understanding, but not to worry. What’s great about the industry is that it’s changing daily, so it keeps you on your toes and you’ll continuously learn new things throughout your career.

University or vocational route?

It’s the age old question: which is more valuable?

Degrees can provide you with a deep level of understanding of digital marketing. Gaining knowledge from masters in the field who have had years of experience. You’ll learn about a variety of topics including web site development, marketing strategy, social media marketing and digital campaign planning.

Apprenticeships are a great way to gain both knowledge and experience while getting paid at the same time. There are more and more apprenticeship bodies popping up every day – some examples include The Juice Academy and Arch Apprentices. (do you have a partnership you might want to include yourselves and link to?)

Both degrees and apprenticeships are valid qualifications to have on your CV so it’s really down to how best you learn. The most important thing is having a great understanding of the world of marketing.

Agency vs in-house

There are two ways you could work for a business in marketing – either in an agency or in-house.

Agency: this means working for a company who juggle a variety of clients that they supply digital marketing services for. This gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge across a variety of areas for your clients’ needs.

In-house: this means working for a business where you supply marketing for the business you work for. You’ll get a real in-depth knowledge of the business and know it inside out.

You could become a general digital marketer, having knowledge across a variety of areas, or you could become a specialist in one of the following areas:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Digital PR
  • Content marketing
  • Paid advertising / digital acquisition
  • Mobile marketing

All of the above interlink, but becoming highly skilled in one of the areas opens you to specialist jobs.

8 tips to get a job in digital marketing

With millennials and Generation Z growing up with the internet, everyone seems to be a self-proclaimed #DigitalMarketingGuru nowadays, so how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

Here are a couple of suggestions that will get you noticed:

  1. Reading blogs: there are so many digital marketing blogs out there that you can gain knowledge from. Even if you aim to be a specialist in a particular area of marketing, such as Pay Per Click, it’s good to have at least some knowledge of other areas of digital marketing.
  2. Keeping up with the latest trends: social media platforms and Google algorithms are changing constantly. Keeping up to date by reading industry news, magazines and signing up to online newsletters is a great way to stay in the know about the industry you hope to work in.
  3. Learn the jargon: if this is the industry you aim to work in you really need to talk the talk! Reading blogs is a great way to learn common terms used in the industry. If you’re a visual learner, there are also countless YouTube channels with screen recordings talking you through different sites you could use (e.g. Google Search Console, AHRefs etc).
  4. Taking online courses: there are hundreds of free online courses available for you to upskill. Google Digital Garage is a great free tool that gives you a certification at the end, which is a good qualification for your CV.
  5. Start your own blog: this might seem a bit intimidating early on, but it’s a great way to learn. It’s also a good opportunity to display your digital marketing knowledge as well as something you could showcase as your portfolio to potential employers. WordPress and Wix are great free tools to guide you through this.
  6. Having a social media presence: this is absolutely key for anyone who claims they know anything about marketing! LinkedIn is full of thought leaders in the marketing sector. With hundreds of people posting informative blogs and interacting with each other’s content. If you haven’t already, get yourself on there. It’s great for finding job opportunities too.
  7. Making your CV relevant to the job: don’t just copy and paste the same CV for 5 different jobs. Comb through each job description and tweak your CV each time to make it closely match the job description, making you the most relevant candidate for the job.
  8. Networking: this is the best way you’re going to meet potential employers. Attending relevant events, such as Marketing Show North, will give you the opportunity to listen to a variety of insightful talks as well as gaining valuable connections. Even better, find out who the speakers are and engage with them on LinkedIn or Twitter before the event. If you’re from the North West, come along to the next Bolton Digital and Creative Collective ran by Tao Digital Marketing.

Tao Digital Marketing is a B2B digital marketing agency based in Bolton. Now a Google partner, they help a number of businesses gain sales and enquiries through search engines via SEO or PPC. Visit their website to find out about their digital marketing services, client work and latest insights on their blog.

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