How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Work in 2015

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New Year is here and your Facebook news feed is beginning to brim full of friends suggesting that this is ‘their’ year, that they are “out with the old and in with the new” and of course, it is going to be their “best year yet”.

As much as we absolutely live in hope that it will be their best year to date, the sour truth of it all is that you’re probably re-reading the same bold statements that you saw posted last New Year! In order to get to the bottom of why we are consistently repeating ourselves year in, year out, I have begun looking to how we set new years resolutions and how we can make sure we fulfil them in 2015.

Let’s start with science and the actual functionality of why the brain can’t physically handle resolutions. The part of the brain that is responsible for managing willpower sits just behind our foreheads; this particular area is also responsible for staying focused and dealing with short term memories. If we think of the brain as a muscle that needs training, it is completely understandable why it can’t handle the kinds of resolutions that we induce on ourselves! Resolutions such as;

  • I will completely stop smoking
  • I will eat healthily and never binge ever again
  • I will change my complete outlook on life to make sure I am more positive

…in short, our brain just doesn’t have the willpower.

So how do we conquer this for 2015? A good place to start is with habits, for example; not having that one cigarette each morning, opting for a healthier lifestyle during the week and having a naughty treat at the weekend or meditating for just 2-3 minutes each day. By breaking our resolutions down into these manageable and more specific tasks, we are able to work towards our larger yearly goals.

Another way to help ensure you stick to your resolutions this year is to really focus on choosing just one. Instead of overloading your brain, really try to pinpoint what is most crucial to you for your year ahead. When you have decided on a resolution or just given yourself the challenge of changing a small habit, tell others around you who can help support you in weaker moments! Take their guidance as a positive and not a criticism – these reminders mean that you are more likely to stick to your resolution.

Finally, remember that as much as New Year’s resolutions are often just a bit of fun (and often made after a few glasses of fizz!), if they aren’t fulfilled year on year you may begin distrusting yourself and believing that you’ll always fail at them. Therefore, consider them systematically by making them as specific and task orientated as possible and don’t forget that we are not born with strong will powers – we work at them!

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