How to positively adapt to changes in the workplace

Social Distancing

Well, 2020 has been a giant let down hasn’t it? Although to be honest, I think the phrase ‘let down’ is a gigantic understatement which doesn’t even come close to doing the enormity of the situation justice. But if I used the words I want to use to describe the situation, I may get in trouble.

So here we are!

Those of us who worked in an office pre – COVID are likely to now be at a tipping point, where we’re returning to the office in some shape or form. This is massive and there are so many things to consider, and this is before we even consider those that have been on long – term furlough. Remember when we all had our six weeks summer holidays as a kid, and when you returned to school it felt like you’d forgotten how to write?

Anyway the focus of this article is the return of those who have at least been working from home in some capacity. The return of long – term furloughed workers is for another article.

Change is a way of life, nothing lasts forever, and you find there are predominantly two kinds of people – those who resist change and those who embrace it. Those who resist change run the risk of getting left behind, while those embracing it will progress in both their personal and professional lives.

Here at Jobwise, our offices have been revamped to ensure social distancing, and we are doing our utmost to maintain social distancing when in the office, with things such as staggered lunches, one person in the kitchen at a time etc. Embracing this change is vital to ensure we are doing our utmost to protect the health and wellbeing of all our people and their families.

Video technology is also a big change here at Jobwise

Video technology is also a big change here at Jobwise, with the majority of our client meetings taking place via Zoom and Teams, as well as the registering of all our fantastic candidates. Once again, embracing this change has been essential. As well as the obvious health benefits in the current climate, there are also massive benefits on both sides, with the main one being how much time is saved in the whole process. On the topic of video technology, check out our brand new, world leading video engagement and interviewing platform – Jobwise In2View.

Your attitude toward life is affected by your ability to embrace change. If change happens to you, rather than you influencing that change, you are much more likely to feel like you are being dragged through life. Embracing change helps you grow, reveals your strengths, and offers more opportunities.

To accept and embrace the change, understand the situation, stay positive and keep an open mind, think long term, and finally, remain focused.

Here at Jobwise, we are now returning back to our offices, although for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic, we will be conducting all of our meetings via video rather than face to face.

If you are looking for work or need help in searching for that dream candidate, please get in touch with us today!

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