‘It seems like I have never been away’

Returning to work after having a baby can be a chore for some mothers, but Jobwise’s Jane said it took her five minutes to get back into the swing of things.
Jane, who had been off work since the end of March, said she felt that she had never really been away from her team.
“I kept in touch with everybody while I was off so I didn’t get detached from the team,” she said.
“We all get on really, really well so it has been easy to come back in.
“I felt like I was still part of the team even when I wasn’t there.”
With baby Freddie set to celebrate reaching seven months old on November 27, Jane is able to enjoy not only being a young mum but also getting back to her much missed clients.
She said: “It was hard leaving my clients behind.
“I have been here for nine years and I had to leave them.
“It’s been really nice coming back. All my clients have seemed really happy to welcome me back. It has been like I’ve never been away.”
Jane said that her feet had been back under the desk for only half an hour when, after a quick handover, she realised she had fallen happily back into her old routine.
At the moment she is working three days a week during a return to work transition phase which is due to last up until Christmas.
“It has been absolutely mad busy,” she said.
“It’s just been really good. I would hate to be in a job where I was bored and wondering what to do.
“Jobwise have been brilliant, very supportive. My transition phase is quite a long time. Most companies do it for a couple of weeks.
“They are flexible and happy to support the fact that my life has changed beyond all recognition.
“I started here when I was 20, so priorities are hugely different now.”
But has dealing with Freddie’s sleepless nights been as easy?
“He’s a really good boy,” Jane said.
“He’s been sleeping through.”

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