It’s All About Timing


When hiring a new member for your team it’s worth bearing in mind the importance of time-scales – particularly at this time of year.

With New Year approaching we begin to think of resolutions and changes we can make for the next 12 months and unsurprisingly for that reason it is one of the busiest periods for recruiters world-wide. Therefore, if you’re hoping to find your ideal candidate to start in the month of January, the time to let us know is now!

Here’s our guide to help you ensure you calculate the right amount of time to hire your ideal candidate:

1. Gather your thoughts

Back to basics! If you’ve been considering, or are in the process of implementing a ‘sourcing’ strategy, calculating your existing time to hire is crucial in order for you to measure progress. Deciding on a timescale – whether it’s 4 weeks or a year – means that you can measure your progress against future recruiting by comparing them as you go along. If you’re still finding that your recruitment time is on the lengthy side you could consider investing in some recruitment software and if you’re using an agency such as Jobwise, factor in the time that it takes to receive CV’s from candidates.

2. Consider your candidates

Since it’s very much a candidate driven market at present, bear in mind that applicants are less likely to wait around! A lengthy recruitment process can reflect badly on your business and also mean that you miss the ‘best catch’. It’s easy to get caught up in your every day duties, but don’t forget a happy candidate (who hasn’t had to wait a few weeks for response) is more likely to accept your offer of a job!

3. Count the pennies!

There are obvious costs that come with recruitment and these are likely to increase should the process be a lengthy one. These can include extending your advertising space and having to re-advertise should the first attempt to hire be unsuccessful. It’s worth considering the most cost effective method of hiring for your business:

• If you are going to use local advertisement, consider the reach and if the advertisement is correctly targeted.
• If using a Job Board online, consider whether your company can successfully filter and shortlist the amount of responses that will undoubtedly come through.
• Finally, if using an agency, thinking about the whole package that the agency offers, such as the size of the candidate pool available, free re-fills should a candidate be unsuitable and if the fee is only payable once a successful candidate is hired.

Recruiting can be a costly process but don’t forget that you are recruiting in the hope that you’ll improve your business in someway – therefore, in the long run making a positive difference to the bank balance. And with the right time scales in place this process will prove more cost efficient and ensure that you are recruiting the best candidate for your business needs!


Jobwise can help with all your recruitment needs. If time is of the essence we operate a 24 hour turnaround on any permanent vacancy and a 30 minute turnaround on any temporary worker requirement. Call us now on 0845 313 7450  to make a difference to your business.

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