Jobwise Christmas Carol

It was the final straw for Bob Cratchit.
Food prices were up, petrol had gone through the roof, Tiny Tim‘s clothes – however small they might be – were costing him an arm and a leg.
And that miser Ebenezer Scrooge had refused him a pay rise. For the fifth year running. Not even a Christmas bonus.
The Ghost of Christmas Past told of a time before the recession when even Scrooge had handed out an annual incremental increase.
But that time was long gone, and the spirit of Christmas Yet to Come told of more lay-offs and cuts.
So he’d quit. Right before Xmas, with presents to be bought and the family looking forward to the biggest of the smallest turkeys he could find.
But Bob knew hope was out there – and he didn’t even need to leave the house.
A quick update of his LInkedIn profile here, a search through his social media there and Bob was confident he would have a new job in no time.
Just as he went to log-off he spotted one last opportunity, shimmering in the corner of his search bar like a star lighting the way to his Christmas miracle: a link to the Jobwise website.
Scanning the online opportunities he suddenly found the perfect position:

‘Wanted: Seasonal support staff.
Christmas is an extremely busy period for this family run exports company.
Based in the North Pole, you must be hard-working and jolly.
This job involves packing toys for ‘nice’ children all around the world.
Apply to Mr S Claus.
Start immediately’.

And that was how Bob Cractchit came to work for Santa this Christmas… just think what opportunities you could find at Jobwise!
God bless us, everyone!
Merry Christmas!

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