Jobwise has landed into the 21st century!

It wasn’t the most poignant burial.

Just thrown aside on a skip. After all it had done for them. The humble fax machine was made redundant by email, file sharing and social media.

I remember when I first saw a fax machine. I marvelled at how a picture could come through a telephone line from the other side of the world and be printed in front of my eyes.

In the recruitment industry this was big news. No more waiting on snail mail or having to ask temps and clients to come into the office just to hand over time sheets.

Push a few buttons and this gift from above would whir into action and the information was there before your eyes – in print format of course, even these days we haven’t quite mastered teleportation.

But technology has made such advances in recent years that new recruits have swapped ‘jaws dropped in amazement’ to bemused expressions when you mention a fax machine.

What is that historic relic?, they ask.

At Jobwise, we’ve been working in the recruitment industry for more than 30 years.

As a company we remember the 1970’s when most offices didn’t even have a computer and the mid 80’s when recruitment consultancies had databases on ‘dumb’ terminals that could cost mid-five figures to buy.

The industry has shifted significantly in recent times. There is much more direct hiring and less use of traditional channels, more integration with social media and the ever increasing influence of the internet allows job seekers more exposure, giving others the ability to find them.

Social and professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have given recruitment companies access to passive job seekers – and allowed people to market themselves in all sorts of new ways.

The internet enables anyone to create a business face without advertising on the radio, TV or billboards.  And it allows us to keep our candidates and employers up to date with everything that is happening in the recruitment industry.

That is why here at Jobwise we are embracing the digital age.

We have recently launched our new website  ( and on Monday we will be rolling out our new social media platforms.

You’ll be able to find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and we’ll be posting all the latest vacancies, industry news, competitions and lots, lots more.

So, take a deep breath, say goodbye to your old friend the fax machine and join us on our digital adventure.

Jobwise has landed!!




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