“We are committed to changing the face of recruitment by providing a unique personable & high touch service”

I want to explain this statement;

Recruitment is a PEOPLE business and it can mean different things to different people.

There are a plethora of different business models within the staffing industry, so I thought it might be a good idea to define what I believe good recruitment is.

This will perhaps put into context why I don’t believe that LinkedIn — or for that matter any other web-based product — can ever replace the personal SERVICE we provide.

I have highlighted the words PEOPLE and SERVICE on purpose. We provide a PEOPLE SERVICE. Admittedly the service can not be done successfully without the use of web-based products, job boards etc but the service we offer is the key to successful recruitment.
Recruitment is a PEOPLE business – It is all about the PEOPLE we have – not the web based products we use to be able to facilitate the service we offer.

Jobwise supply staff – people – these people have opinions, options, and time constraints. People can be unpredictable, irrational, high maintenance, and uncommunicative. A product you buy online will always show up if you have paid the appropriate price and followed the correct purchasing process. A product (i.e. CV) won’t have any thoughts or feelings that it wants to discuss with a third party. It won’t have any opinions on how well you selected it. It won’t wait for a better company to buy it if it doesn’t like your communication style or your company values. A product won’t consult with family members, professional acquaintances, and even someone it met on the train to provide fresh objections about why they aren’t going to show up at your company.

Recruitment Is a Professional Service
The reasons above are precisely why a professional recruitment service is uniquely positioned in the digital age. The number of intangibles in any hiring process are the very things that prevent it from being a replicable and reproducible process. The freedom of thought from all of the parties involved in the ultimate decision making prevents the viability of a “black box” recruitment solution.
I expect this will be particularly helpful for those who seem to feel that they are qualified to comment on the impending death of our industry without having ever having been a recruiter, or in some cases ever having recruited a person themselves.

Talent Is Not an Online Commodity

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