Why we fully support SAFERjobs – Keeping everyone safe from scams

Why we fully support SAFERjobs – Keeping everyone safe from scamsIf you are a candidate or client, you will be aware of just how important you are to us here at Jobwise. We have been in the recruitment arena for quite a while now, and we have succeeded because there is trust in our services and our reputation. We think that if you treat people fairly and in an open and honest way that they will usually respond in kind, and that builds relationships and long-term success.

As with any industry, recruitment has a small percentage of people who are less than scrupulous and will take advantage of those whom they should be helping. Unfortunately, the proliferation of the internet has opened up opportunities for some less than reputable people to scam and cheat people with the promise of services they do not deliver, and unjustified costs.

We are very proud of what we do here, as are the vast majority of recruitment businesses, and it is for this reason that we are in full support of the aims and objectives of SAFERjobs. Working in partnership with the recruitment industry and trade bodies such as TEAM, the SAFERjobs initiative works to expose job scams.

SAFERjobs initiative

When you are looking for work, either out of a need for a job or through the desire for change, you have the right to be able to do so without worrying about if you are being cheated or scammed. So here some things to watch out for, and a little advice:

  • Reputable recruitment companies do not charge for unnecessary checks and procedures.
  • Good recruiters will never advertise jobs that do not exist, or they do not have the right to recruit for.
  • You should never be asked for information that is not related to job searching or your job history. For example, you should be wary of handing over bank information unless it is related to being paid for work, and certainly no debit cards or credit cards would be needed.
  • Pick a recruitment partner that has a history of success and can produce testimonials.
  • You should always feel that the process of recruitment is transparent and that you understand what is happening and why.
  • Any information you share with the recruiter should be stored correctly, and you should know exactly what it is going to be used for.
  • If there are to be any charges, then you should know what they are up front, and be comfortable that they are appropriate.
  • Pick a recruiter that is committed to the principles of SAFERjobs and, as a partner, has agreed to work within the guidelines they set.
  • Payment and any associated payroll needs should be handled precisely and clearly. Payments should be made on time and to the pre-agreed and expected level with no hidden extra charges or costs.

By some estimates, around 10% of candidates have been the subject of some sort of job scam, and it is only by exposing these cheats and raising awareness that will be able to stop them. We are proud to adhere to the principles of SAFERjobs because we believe that the recruitment industry, those who work in it, and most importantly those seeking work, should all be able to trust that nobody is trying to cheat them.

To find out more about the SAFERjobs initiative, visit their website: https://www.safer-jobs.com/

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