The right person is out there – Ways to keep motivated during a tough hiring process

The right person is out there – Ways to keep motivated during a tough hiring processOne of the things you cannot help but notice is how much support there is available for candidates during the hiring process. This is perfectly reasonable because it is sometimes the case that the prospective employee is in a difficult position or looking to improve their life prospects. They may be about to or have been through redundancy, for example, or be stuck in a job where they really don’t have much in the way of prospects. So, they need help with the technicalities of the search such as CV writing and realistic assessment of skills, and they also often need a sympathetic ear and someone who has the experience to help alleviate the emotional pressure of a job search.

There is less support for the HR person

You see considerably less support for the HR person or Business Leadership Team looking for the right person though. So we thought it was time to perhaps offer a little understanding because, when it all comes down to it, finding the right person for your open position is hard. It can be a roller coaster and, even with the help of a good recruitment partner who understands the pressures, it can be demotivating when the search gets tough.

At the moment, with low unemployment and a big skills gap in some areas, it can feel even more uphill than ever.

  • Remember why we are all here. This may sound glib, but one of the things we sometimes see if a job search is proving a little more difficult is the client getting tied up in the process and losing sight of the aim. Stick with it, choose a good recruitment partner and don’t be tempted to cut standards. A bad hire is costly and counterproductive so stick to your guns. That said…
  • Is it time to review your expectations and learn something from the process? Rather than treat it as a problem, why not look on it as an opportunity to sit down with us and consider if the role specification or the expectations need a little tweak based on the situation as it stands?
  • Think about the future, not the here and now. You are hiring for the future not just for tomorrow, and that is bound to take a bit of time and effort to get right. Focus on the long game and keep in mind how great it is going to be to have that key team member.
  • Take a break from it. At the risk of blowing our own trumpet a little bit, we are very good at this. If it hasn’t happened quickly with Jobwise on the project, then I can honestly say it was never going to happen quickly. What is certainly happening, is that we are in your corner and we are working in your best interest. So, take a step back and relax. A watched pot never boils as they say, and we will keep you informed, so try not to tie yourself up in knots worrying about it.

It’s stressful, but we can help

Finding the right person is bound to be stressful to some extent because you are invested, and you want to make sure you get exactly who you need. Take it from us, in our experience you will. As always, we are more than happy to talk through the best options for your recruitment process, so feel free to call us and let us help you reduce the stress of finding the right person.

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