Mental Health in the Workplace – By Lee Farghaly

Mental HealthWell we’re halfway through March, and it’s getting to the point where we’re starting to notice the extra light in the mornings and evenings, and the fact the clocks go back on the 31st is confirmation that Spring and Summer will soon be upon us, blasting away the darkness of what seems like the last six months. Hallelujah.

The winter months can be mentally tough for everyone, and it is perfectly natural that the noticeable increase in light can help to boost your mood, but just be wary. If you let the weather dictate your mood too much, it may be a sign that your mental health isn’t as it should be, and it could be a good idea to have a quick chat with someone.

I feel at points over the last six months that I have been that person, putting far too much focus on how bad the weather and environment is around me, and being so excited that the light is starting to return, almost brightening up my mind at the same time.

It’s important therefore that you have a workplace that is supportive of your mental health

It’s important therefore that you have a workplace that is supportive of your mental health, and can help to recognise the signs when everything isn’t as it should be. Here at Jobwise, our management team have recently undergone intensive Mental Health First Aid Training to ensure that we can support our staff in every way possible. As well as Jobwise, we recruit for modern clients who pride themselves in understanding Mental Health issues and identifying the signs if a member of staff requires support in some way.

Physical health has always held a prominent place in the thoughts of companies when offering benefits to existing and potential employees, such as health insurance, payment of medical treatment etc. But mental health is now becoming more prominent in the thinking of bosses when putting together benefits to attract new employees and retain existing ones.

We have recently hosted a Mental Health breakfast seminar close to our Head Office in Bolton, titled How resilient are your employees? Adel Houten from Healthperks, discussed with our clients, some of the statistics around the subject as well as giving tips on how to remove mental health stigma, and prevent burnout within employees.

Stress and anxiety when looking for work, aswell as going for interviews is commonplace, and here at Jobwise we can help to alleviate any concerns you have prior to going for an interview. We can also provide advice on job hunting, and can help to improve your CV, either in branch or we have a fantastic CV builder on our website which will help you to create a CV from scratch.

We update our website on a daily basis with new roles, so if you are looking for work check out our jobs page today!

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