New Year, Same You? (The Hangover) – By Lee Farghaly


Well its official, Christmas is over, New Year is over. The real world has come calling again and the majority of us probably don’t want to pick up the phone. We all suffer a Christmas hangover in some form or other. The majority of us go well over the top with food and drink, so the guilt kicks in afterwards and the New Year’s resolutions are made. Lose weight, get to the gym, change my diet.

Although it isn’t just the physical aspect, the dark days and nights affect everybody’s mood. Anyone who says they like the near constant darkness is a vampire. I’ve been to Iceland twice (the country not the shop) and I’ve no idea how people can live in near constant darkness for such long periods of time.

We all suffer a Christmas hangover in some form or other

Also consider most of us are back in work, and many have been ill (me included), it’s really tough! They say Blue Monday (the most depressing day of the year statistically) is Jan 21st, but I don’t agree, it’s surely Jan 7th when the majority of the UK population were back in work.

But….there is light at the end of the tunnel. We passed the shortest day of the year back on December 21st, so although it may not seem it, the days are getting ever so slightly longer and brighter. Those precious few extra rays of light each day are building up to the crescendo which will then result in Spring, followed by Summer.

At this point in time, the whole year is ahead of you. There are endless possibilities. Imagine yourself a year from now. What do you want to have achieved? Is it realistic? There is nothing wrong with aiming high but realism is important. People tend to overestimate what they can do in a year, but underestimate what they can do in five. Patience is a virtue.

I once read something that really stuck with me, but can’t for the life of me remember where. It’s that you can’t expect to keep doing the same things and get a different result. Even the smallest change could have a massive impact, be that in regards to your health, job, relationships – the possibilities are endless. So many people fail with their New Years resolutions because they go all out straight away.

You can’t expect to keep doing the same things and get a different result

If you suddenly decide you’re going to completely change your diet and live in the gym, it won’t last long; you need to train your mind gradually. Make one positive change to your diet, once it’s part of your normal diet, make another change. If you’ve never been to the gym, get yourself there somehow once a month, then twice a month and so on until it becomes ingrained within you.

It’s imperative that you are happy within your work, and set yourself goals no matter how inconsequential, to keep yourself motivated, regardless of your role. Studies have found that happiness has large and positive casual effects on productivity – ‘Positive emotions appear to invigorate human beings’. For those of us who work full time, the workplace is where we spend the majority of our day. So challenging yourself is vitally important whilst also ensuring you get your work life balance right.

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