Recruiters – added value?

Value Added ServiceThe only reason for any employer to use the services of a recruitment agent is to add value to the recruitment process. Otherwise, why would an employer not do it themselves?

We need to ensure this value is abundantly clear to the user client. For example, demonstrating you are already have, or can find, better qualified people faster and more efficiently than either they or anyone else can.

There has been a free alternative for employers for over 100 years; Jobcentre Plus or as it was The Labour Exchange (And shortly I believe it will be given another make over to The Jobcentre) and yet still in the face of a free service the recruitment sector continues to thrive. So why is this?

What value do recruitment agencies add?

The smart recruiter will adapt and embrace change and I believe that a big part of that process is the back to basics theme. People buy people – when you buy into a service you are buying the person who delivers it. In my opinion, the good, professional recruiter will personally and physically see their clients (and regularly keep seeing them) see the workplace they are being asked to find someone to work in, know the history of the company and what it makes or does. They will, in effect, become part of the scenery. Add value by offering other services to the client perhaps in house workshops on employment law, interview assistance, how to manage a workforce etc etc.

The same goes for candidates, any candidate should be seen face to face prior to an interview with the hirer.  How can a recruiter comment sensibly about the relative merits of their candidate without pre-screening them in person?

This is where value is added – sifting through hundreds of CVs, approaching active and passive candidates on job boards, Linked In, conducting the first stage interviews, obtaining ID and references etc. The major part of a recruiters job and where we add value is that we reduce time (which in turn is money) spent on recruitment, allowing the hirer time to focus on his/her main job!

In addition to this – no placement, no fee – and then you get a rebate/guarantee period on top!

Jobwise does what it says – we interview every candidate we put in front of a client, we meet all of our clients – and regularly ask for feedback from both candidates and clients to ensure we are delivering the right service.

Our aim is to change the face of recruitment by a high touch recruitment service, one that will enhance your business and save you time in the recruitment process.

Why not give us a try and see where we can add value to your recruitment process?  

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