Recruitment and Romance – Same thing aren’t they?

Recruitment and Romance

Recruitment and Romance are so intertwined they may as well be the same thing. Many characteristics and scenarios you’d associate with romance can be applied to recruitment and vice versa. If you can prove me wrong after reading this article I’d be genuinely impressed.

Looking for ‘the one’

Be you an employer or a job seeker, we’re always on the lookout for ‘the one’. That perfect job, perfect employee, it’s what we all dream of. In a romantic sense these exact same principles apply. The perfect role or perfect partner could literally be around the corner, that’s the magic of it. You simply don’t know when your perfect fit, on both a personal and professional level, could appear into your life.

Interview/First Date

Do you get butterflies before a job interview? How about a first date? I think we’ve all experienced this feeling in both situations. The fear of the unknown can be a scary thing, and can make us create allsorts of crazy scenarios in our heads, prior to the actual event. Consequently what if they go well? That euphoric feeling, knowing you’ve done really well and impressed is universal.

Bad Experiences

We’ve all had bad experiences be it recruitment or romance, where we’ve possibly had our confidence affected, doubting whether ‘the one’ will ever be found. These could be a bad interview, a bad date, starting a new role and realising you’ve made a bad choice, and likewise starting a new relationship and realising you shouldn’t have made it official. The key here is to learn from these bad experiences, keep moving forward and ensure they don’t happen again.


The influence of technology today in the world of Recruitment and Romance is near total. Be it looking for a potential job or a potential partner, we are overloaded with choice and options. Thanks to phone apps, you can now apply for a job at the click of a button no matter where you are, and can pick a potential romantic partner with the swipe of a finger.

There is an argument that this abundance of choice in clear sight has made us think that the grass is always greener elsewhere. This is true in both a recruitment and romantic sense. But just because the ‘grass looks greener on the other side’, this is not necessarily the case.

Do you agree that Recruitment and Romance are the same thing? Please comment to let me know what you think!

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