See who’s been viewing your profile …

A survey showed that 93% of recruiters have a nosey on a candidate’s social profiles as part of their screening process.

With social media being such a huge a part of our daily lives, even employers are regularly viewing their employee’s profiles.

There’s nowhere to hide!

That’s why in today’s competitive market it’s crucial that your profile doesn’t scare away your employer or potential employers. You may be using LinkedIn for professional use and Facebook for your personal life, but in most cases, your personal profile is just as easily found.

So, here’s a few quick steps you can follow to ensure you’re online presence isn’t affecting your chances of finding the perfect job.

1. Try Googling your full name and see what comes up. You may be surprised to find out what others can see!

2. Security Settings
Make a habit of revisiting your privacy settings. Social platforms are constantly changing their privacy settings and are making it easier for unknowns to get a snapshot of your personal life.

3. Profile Picture – This is the first impression you make

  • Try to avoid a group photo or busy background
  • Make sure your photo is a recent, correct representation of you
  • For Linkedin, make sure you have a headshot image with a plain background, no artistic selfies!

4. Communicating – Do you interact with others respectfully?

  • Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your employer to read
  • Avoid commenting on topics that could make you appear as a risk to hire
  • Be careful not to post personal content during work hours or especially when calling in sick

It may come across as common sense but these mistakes are surprisingly common! So take 5 minutes and ensure your profile is employer friendly.


Extra Facebook Tips for Job Seekers…

  • Facebook has a section for Employment History; it’s a good idea to edit this to mirror your CV. Show me how
  • Your wall probably dates back quite some time… If you’re actively looking for a job, instead of going through every post to find the ones you should delete, you can temporarily disable your wall so that it doesn’t show up on your profile Show me how

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