So why do you want to work for us? – Should you need to ask this question?

Why do you want to work for us?When you consider the employment and recruitment marketplace at the moment something is readily apparent. Over the last year things have changed. There are still people looking for the perfect job and there are still employers looking for the perfect employee for the opportunities they have. The difference is in the availability of prospective employees. We are coming out of a downturn and as a result many employers are looking to recruit more staff. In fact in a recent poll 65% of employers said they were expecting to increase employee numbers in the near future.

This is great news. Employment is one of the best indicators of quality of life and we all know that more employment means good times ahead. However, amidst the cheering, we need to also consider the impact this has on the way you go about looking for your staff.

As a recruitment agency it is our job to ensure that you get the right people for your business but the change in levels of employment mean that, as a prospective employer, you may need to work a little harder as well. When we are in a market where the candidate has choices if you want to make sure you get the right one you may need to consider why they would want to work for you. I guess what we are saying here is that we can still send the long ball forward but it is now a little harder to put it in the back of the net. If you want ** (to =remove) the right employee it is likely that someone else also wants them.

What we suggest is that right now is a good time to consider the way you offer employment. It is terribly easy to be reactive with employment. In the past it has been possible to just throw out a job spec when the pressure to fill a sudden gap in the workforce suddenly appears. Now it may not be that easy as candidates find themselves with choices. So for us it makes sense to suggest that you consider your job offer. Put yourself in the place of the candidate who, rather than hoping you will offer the job, is considering if you are the right choice from two or three options. Perhaps break it down into these 5 areas and try to hit all five with a ‘yes’.

1. Salary – Is it competitive and matching the market? Remember salary isn’t everything a candidates looks for but it is often the first. If you have it at the right level can you nudge it a little? A small amount may be the final decision maker.

2. Benefits and perks – These can be a big draw and they can sometimes be small things. To the candidate who drives a long way to work for example, a guaranteed parking space is a big bonus.

3. Working hours – Is there a possibility of being a little flexible in your working hours? For a working mum a 9:30 start could be very tempting. Could you split the job into two roles both part-time?

4. Promote and train – You probably coming out of the recession with a greyhound fast, lean workforce. Could you promote someone and then hire a trainee? Training and CPD can also be important to candidates. After all who wants to take a job with no future prospects?

5. Working conditions and appearance – When you do ‘the tour’ make sure your working area shows you off as a caring company. I remember visiting a client years ago and finding them painting the reception area. When I mentioned it she replied ‘what does it say to candidates if we don’t look freshly painted?’ and this is a good point. Candidates have first impressions too.

We have all probably gotten used to having a choice of candidates for the role and employment opportunities being employer driven. Now that this is not always the case maybe we need to change that question in the title a little and ask ourselves…

“Why would someone want to work here?”

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