Social media and candidates – How social media can help you get a great workforce

Social MediaThere is a lot to say about social media and the role it plays in the employment process, and using it as a recruitment tool has become standard practice in recent years. In truth, it can be a very useful tool in the battle to ensure you get the right candidates. But it also has a little bit of a caveat attached to it about over-reliance and using it wisely.

When you talk about employment and social media, people usually think ‘LinkedIn’ and for good reason. LinkedIn is the perfect place to go looking for specific candidates. One of the core reasons the platform exists is so that professionals can display their skills, talents and work history. In some ways, it is a huge database of everybody you could ever want to work for you or fill your specialist contract needs. Without doubt, one of the most important aspects of LinkedIn is that there are both passive and active candidates on it.

LinkedIn is the perfect place to go looking for specific candidates

That means with the right methodology you can warm up a cold candidate by advising them of the opportunity you have available. This is all in addition to the fact that you can, of course, use LinkedIn as a job search platform. So as an employer, not being familiar with how that works will reduce your potential employee pool.

You may also have seen that Facebook has fairly recently entered the jobs market by launching its own ‘Facebook Jobs’ dashboard. Arguably, this could be motivated by a desire to square up to LinkedIn’s dominance in the employment arena, but whatever their reasoning, it is another potential pool of candidates. Where LinkedIn reaches out to the professional end of the market, Facebook has a different demographic of users. Practically, the Facebook jobs dashboard is more likely to reach out to lower skilled and casual workers than LinkedIn is. Again, there is a time investment required in understanding the methods needed to fully utilise the service and really make it work for you.

Statistically, it is estimated that around 70% of employers check the social media profiles of prospective candidates

Statistically, it is estimated that around 70% of employers check the social media profiles of prospective candidates. Whether this should be a factor in employing the person or not is another matter. You need to be careful about letting a candidate’s social profile be a part of the decision to hire. As with any area of employment, the law is very clear on discrimination and ethical practice. There is wiggle room if the information you are taking from their online presence is relevant to the job. This is a bit of a moving target though because ‘relevant’ is not a particularly helpful description. Getting to know the candidate through public data is fine, but be wary of letting it influence your final decision.

Social media then is a great employment tool, but now for the caveat. Like any effective tool, it needs handling correctly. Used badly it will simply waste your time and not produce any results. You should also beware of over-reliance on social for recruitment. It is just part of the overall plan of action needed to get the right team. A good recruitment partner will know how to use social media for you. Along with how it can be integrated into the right methodology to find your team.

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