The Graduate and the Employer – Standing out after Graduation

The Graduate and the Employer – Standing out after GraduationIt is a very proud moment when you pick up your degree. The graduation ceremony is the full stop on what for most students has been three pretty intense years. This Summer is usually reserved for enjoying the last moments of student life, the last bit of time before you finally have to ‘grow up’.


As we head into the Autumn, we tend to get a surge of graduates who have now started to look at the career part of their life. In many cases, this means a little bit of assessment and a process of honestly looking at how you are going to move forward. That sounds easy, but it can be very difficult. For three, or sometimes four, years you have probably been quite single-minded and focused on one thing – getting to the end of your degree. Now there are some choices to be made and then some employers to impress.

One of the most common questions we get asked by graduates is ‘How do I stand out from the crowd?’

Career path

Your first thought is what will you do with your career?

Do you have a path in mind or, as is often the case, are you unsure of what to do? This is not an uncommon situation, and whether it is through fatigue with the subject or just a realisation that maybe you want to take a different road, many graduates suffer from a sort of career doubt at this point. Did you know that around 50% of graduates do not go into a job role related to their study? Now is a time for considering things, so it is natural that many people change paths. The best option here is come in and see us and talk through how you see yourself developing.

Your degree is a brilliant start to your career so try to look at it as a starting gun. It gives you the tools you need to start your working life, but it does not give you a career. You are in a pool now with a lot of other graduates, and you need to stand out.

Your CV

A practical first step to take is to tidy up your CV. In fact, we suggest you start a new one. At a time when you are facing a lot of different paths, and you need to choose the right one for you, what you need is a roadmap. You need something that will go right back to the basics and remind you of what you are capable of and where you want to be. Writing a CV from scratch will force you to consider your options and recognise your skills. There is an article on our site about how to approach your CV, and if you look back through our blog section, you will find a lot more advice.

Being clear and sure on what you want will help you stand out because employers want people who stay with them. Avoid the temptation to go ‘toe dipping’ into different careers if possible. That is not to say that you shouldn’t keep your options open, but employers will be able to sense when a candidate is committed and really wants the job.

To get the career you want, you need to perform well throughout the process. Your CV is a good start, but from there you need to work on cover letters, personal statements, interview techniques and all the other things that will get you the job you want.

Stand out

If you want to stand out, come in and chat to us about what it is you really want to do. We will help you with the rest of the steps but standing out from the crowd starts with stepping foot in our office and working on your career.


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