Stockport – A town which is blossoming

Stockport, it’s a city I’ve grown up in my entire life, and whilst sometimes I can be critical of it, I think we all have that love hate relationship with our home towns from time to time. Although in recent times there has been an upturn in the fortunes of Stockport. Here at Jobwise we have been part of the Stockport community for the last fifteen years and counting!

It is the only town in the North West to feature in the UK’s table for biggest increases in house prices in 2017. Over the past year prices in the town centre have increased by 15.9% and are likely to continue rising as the area receives ongoing investment. A sum of £1 billion is being invested across the retail, residential and commercial sectors over the next five years, with Stockport positioning itself as a regional business hub.

Some of the transformations over the last 5/10 years are remarkable

Some of the transformations over the last 5/10 years are remarkable when I think back to how things used to be. For example, the redevelopment of Stockport train station and the surrounding area has definitely switched the focus from entertainment (cinemas and nightclubs) to new office space, hotels and an NCP to help commuters in and out of Stockport.


Stockport council are following this up with the redevelopment of the bus station and surrounding area. It is hoped this will bring 5000 new jobs and 1000 homes to the area and focuses on improved transport links and new housing developments. The Exchange provides a new gateway into Stockport, with a modern business district including shops and restaurants. This is supported by the recent 75,000 sq ft retail development of Redrock Stockport leisure centre that is in the heart of Stockport Town Centre.

Stockport is a vibrant town on the rise

BlossomsMusically, the band ‘Blossoms’ have really helped to raise the towns profile in recent years, becoming well known not only nationally but internationally. On June 22nd next year they will be playing a sold out gig at the ground of Stockport County, who they support. Needless to say when the tickets went on sale they sold out in 3 minutes. I’ve got my ticket of course; the ground is a two minute walk from my mum’s house. In fact, Blossoms recently filmed a new music video which was based around 100 metres from our Stockport Jobwise branch!

The town has also been highlighted in a sporting context recently with the emergence of Phil Foden at Manchester City Football Club. He is originally from Bridgehall, which is historically a deprived area of Stockport, and last season became the youngest football player in history to receive a Premier League winner’s medal.

Stockport is a vibrant town on the rise, and we have an ever increasing amount of opportunities in the area through our Stockport Jobwise branch, and these will only increase as the town continues to develop. If you are based in Stockport or surrounding areas such as Heaton Chapel, Hazel Grove, Marple etc, and are looking for a job you will love, get in touch with us today!

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