Summer – Time for your career to shine – By Lee Farghaly

Summer – Time for your career to shineYou are having the time of your life. You’ve walked the Great Wall of China, climbed Mount Everest, and trekked through the Amazon rainforest. Summer is amazing.

Then you wake up. It was all a dream. To top it off you’re going to be late for work. This is real life.

Now unless you’re lucky enough to be a lottery winner or have wealthy benefactors in the shape of your parents or a sugar daddy, the likelihood is that you can’t afford to take off the whole of summer to go travelling the world. Welcome to reality!

Working in summer can be a testing time

Working during the summer can be a testing time for most of us. Being stuck in an office all day while looking out your window, and seeing what feels like everyone except you having a party in the sunshine, can be pretty hard to take.

I used to work with a guy who was so miserable when he had to work during nice weather it became almost comical. If the sun was shining, you could guarantee he’d be turning up with a face that could turn even the freshest of milk sour.

When I asked him what was up, he’d reply ‘I can’t believe we’re stuck inside on a day like this’, followed by some other mumblings I didn’t pay attention to. I think some of his friends had days off that day which had added to his mood.

Now, I took it upon myself to make him change his point of view. I said to him that there would be plenty of other times in the future when you’re off work and the weather is glorious, while your mates are working. It’s just the way it is, and without working, you wouldn’t have the money to go and enjoy yourself when you’re off work in the nice weather!

His muttered response of ‘Yeah I suppose’ indicated to me that I had successfully transformed his mindset at least a fraction, but not enough for me to consider Psychologist as a new career.

Working in the summer pays for the fun things you do in the summer, simple as that. No sane individual particularly enjoys it; you just have to take it for what it is sometimes, a means to an end.


It is the perfect time to get into temping, as staff are going on their holidays left, right and centre. Someone needs to be there to cover for them while they’re tucking into the all inclusive! Who knows, it could even lead to something permanent. If not, you’ve acquired some great experience to impress potential future employers with.

Having a goal in sight will make you forget about the sun and warmth till the end of your day. You can always go for a walk on your dinner break anyway!

So look the sun dead in the eye (with sunglasses obviously) and say ‘I love you, but we need to spend a bit of time apart’. Then once you’ve finished work, you can kiss and make up.

Summer really can be your time to shine, you just have to be patient, picture your goal, and the rest will take care of itself.


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