Would you survive a Jobocalypse? – By Lee Farghaly

Would you survive a Jobocalypse?The world has gone to pot; there has been a Job Apocalypse (Jobocalypse for short) overnight. Half the world’s jobs have gone, either completely disappearing or being made obsolete by machines. People are fighting against each other for the jobs remaining.

Would you have what it takes to survive?

In the Jobocalypse, those with the most skills and experience will rise to the top, being the most likely to survive and flourish in this daunting new world. All your past job history will be vital in ensuring whether or not you are one of the alpha dogs at the top end of this newly established hierarchy. The alpha dogs will be the leaders of the group, and everyone will look up to them for protection, along with inspiration on how to progress and develop in this new world.

Temping will be a valuable asset in arming you in the Jobocalaypse, with each new skill you have accrued through temping, being an extra piece of ammo in the battle to reach the top.

As I have discussed before in a previous blog, Temping helps you to control your own destiny. With jobs at a premium, employers will be looking for people with experience who can slot straight in to a role with minimum fuss. Temping allows you to develop yourself and essentially make yourself immune to the issues now blighting the world since the Jobocalypse took place.

Through temping you will have gained experience of different environments, people, and sectors. Therefore, not only will you have developed your skillset for a potential employer, you will also have developed yourself as a person. Interacting with different people, from different backgrounds, will be essential in this new world and can only help you to get to the very top.

So would you survive a Jobocalypse?

If you think the answer is no, then maybe a career MOT is in need, and you can diagnose what you need to do to fully protect yourself.

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