Taken care of – Work for a company that looks after you

Caring CompanyAs human beings, we all enjoy being taken care of in some way. It could be being looked after when you’re not feeling well, to having someone stand up to a person you’re fearful of facing up to yourself. We all love to know there is someone out there who has got our backs through thick and thin. The fact not everyone is lucky enough to have this, makes us treasure it even more.

Having friends and family who do this for you is one thing, but it’s another thing entirely when it’s the company you work for that takes care of you. Stories are plentiful in the media today about companies not looking after their employees in some shape or form. When working full time hours, the likelihood is that you will be spending more time in work than you will be at home, so it is imperative that your company looks after you.

Jobwise have recently once again been rewarded with the Gold standard for Investors in People (IIP), and this time it was assessed against a new tougher criteria than our previous Gold standard accreditations. The assessment process for IIP is extremely intense, and is a testimony to how the company treats every individual within the company that we continue to be awarded with the Gold standard.

Training is paramount at Jobwise

Training is paramount at Jobwise and we offer constant support and development opportunities to staff throughout their careers, it’s not just something you receive at the beginning and then get left to your own devices! Even if you’ve previously been trained on something, if you feel you need a refresher than that is something that can easily be arranged for you.

Jobwise also offer extensive benefits, such as a healthcare scheme, profit pot payments for employees, and an attendance bonus. The company recognises when staff achieve consistent and excellent attendance, and therefore wants to reward them accordingly.

The company also hosts regular company evenings which the whole company attend, and during these evenings, excellence displayed by staff is highlighted and rewarded. This could be an employee of the quarter, a competition winner, or someone who has simply shown outstanding progress in their role during their time with the company.

The workplace environment you spend 40 hours plus a week in, has a very real and substantial impact on your mental health. Therefore finding a company that looks after you is vital. There is no bigger project you should always be working on than yourself.

Jobwise take care of each individual within the company, and make everyone feel valued, knowing that their opinions do matter, and every single one is listened to. If you are looking for a role within our company, we are currently recruiting for both consultants and resourcers at our branches, get in touch to find out more!

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