The Importance of Workplace Culture in Attracting Candidates

The Importance of Workplace Culture in Attracting Candidates

Jobwise have just been awarded 14th place in the Great Place to Work awards 2014. This is our 3rd consecutive year of being in the top 20.

We recognise not only the importance of trust and engagement, but also the impact that being recognised as a Best Workplace has on employer branding.

Employees are proud to tell others where they work and with the majority of the final score coming from the employee survey, it really is down to what our employees think.

If we have a happy workforce, this in turn will ensure we give a more committed service to our customers.

So what does a GREAT WORKPLACE look like?

Highly engaged people committed to helping the organisation achieve its business objectives and going the extra mile for customers – happy staff = happy customers

Employees feel trusted and supported

Employees have confidence in the senior leaders and the direction the organisation is going

A sense of camaraderie between employees; they enjoy working with their colleagues and are proud of where they work and what they do

Top Five Areas for improving engagement

The more engaged staff are the more productive they are and FUN is also an important driver of engagement

Ensure fair reward, recognition and appreciation

Provide a fun place to work

Encourage work-life balance

Build employee pride by contributing to the community

Promote fairness so that people feel they are all in together

Internal surveys and entering awards such as the Great Place to Work Awards are a great thermometer of how your staff feel, the results will highlight areas for improvement too.

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