Train Commuting – Is your dream role en route?


Train commuting. Two words that illicit a different response from each person you ask. If you do it, do you enjoy it? If you don’t use the train already, would you be wiling to consider it if the train journeys final stop was the role of your dreams? Speaking of dream roles, here at Jobwise we can help with that!

There are a few pros and cons to consider. I commute on the train myself, and have done for around 2 years now. I feel I’m in an ideal place to dish out some pearls of wisdom on what to expect, and little tips to make your journey as smooth and stress free as possible.

Music, or some other sensory form of distraction is imperative if you are commuting on the train on a daily basis. The majority of Northern Rails trains ensure that you will be placed in extremely close proximity to other human beings when the carriages are busy. Therefore, trust me, you don’t want to have no other form of distraction besides staring into space. When the carriages are full there are only so many places you can look without inevitably staring lovingly (or threateningly) into someone’s eyes. Just make sure you don’t have the music on full blast so the rest of the train can hear it.

Music, or some other sensory form of distraction is imperative if you are commuting on the train on a daily basis

By using the train, although there is a potential chance of a delay, all you have to do is sit and smile your way through it, just immerse yourself in Netflix or a good book! On the other hand, if you’re driving and are stuck in endless amounts of traffic, you can’t exactly close your eyes and take a nap, you have to be alert at all times, which can only heighten stress on the way home. Commuting via the train allows you to simplify, you don’t have to think about changing gears or moving lanes, your thoughts are your own.

Over time you will also start to notice the routines of other people who get the train at the same time as you, and if you overthink as I do, you’ll also notice how much people are creatures of habit. They will stand in the same place on the platform, get on the train at the same door, and sit in the same seat if it’s free, and if it’s not they will at least sit in the general area.

To spice things up a bit I try moving around from time to time, just in case anyone keeps an eye on me and what I do, I want to make sure I keep them on their toes!

Using the train is a means to an end, and as mentioned at the start, any deficiencies would surely be overlooked if the end stop was your dream job – do you agree? If you are looking for your next stop, or indeed a new team member to join your companies’ journey, please get in touch today!

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